23 February 2011

To Play Paper Dolls

Last week, Liz over at Reston Style suggested we play paper dolls.


Here's how it worked... we each took a look at the other's 30 for 30 items and picked out what she would wear.


Well, readers, here you have it.  Three of the pieces I'm wearing (Red Striped top, Blue Plaid Shirt & Black Skinny Cords) were picked out by the beautiful Miss Liz.


One of things I most love about Liz's personal style is her incredible collection and use of scarves.  Regularly, she expertly adds a pop of color to her outfits with just the right scarf.
Keeping that in mind, I KNEW I had to include a scarf when I styled her picks.
Consider it my stab at Reston Style.

Black Skinny Cords (Gap); Red Striped Top (Express)
Blue Plaid Button Up (Thrifted); Blue Scarf (Gifted)

I was super excited to play and incredibly honored that Liz invited me.
Thank you, Liz.
Plus, during a month in which I have limited choices in the clothing department it was a blast to get to pick pieces out of a different closet!

Anyone else out there interested in playing some Paper Dolls?

16 of 30


Harija said...

You look so cute and adorable!

Love you hair!


Kellie said...

Love it! By the way...head over to my blog for a surprise :)

Lori said...

Love the pig tails :)
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jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

you are too cute. love this outfit.. esp the converse shoes! i have a pair but its been too cold to wear them. xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

KillerB said...

I like the way you've looped your scarf. I'm also digging your converse kicks with this outfit!

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea!!! How do you look like your 17? It's not fair, just not fair. ;)

Reston Style said...

I love the way you have styled my picks!!! You look awesome! :) This was a lot of fun, we will have to "play" again!



Laura said...

I love the stripes with the checkered shirt! Very fun mix of patterns. This idea is so fun!! I want to play with someone. Lol.

k said...

i love when everyone's dressing eachother, it's fun!

Unknown said...

This is very cute! I love the blue and red together.

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Bella said...

Now this is a cute and fun look! Love the pigtails! Adorable!

jessi bridges said...

How fun is that?!! Very cute outfit.

Cameron said...

You need to post the outfit you picked for liz and put them side by side

brittneynikkole said...

Love the pigtails and sneakers. So so cute.

caitlin said...

ahhh! i LOVE this! so so cute :)