02 February 2011

30 for 30 Picks!

Alright people, here are the pieces I've finally settled upon.

{ivory + navy sheath dress; polka dot sundress; army green blazer; camel jacket}

{red striped top; navy + grey striped top; gold top}

{purple button up; white button up; bright blue plaid button up}

{ivory turtleneck; grey wool turtleneck sweater; silky tank; black cropped sweater vest}

{brown draped cardigan; lilac cardigan; black cardigan}

{kelly green skirt; green plaid circle skirt; black pleated bottom skirt; grey wool"ish" shorts}

{wool trousers; boyfriend jeans; black skinny cords}

{black strappy heels; chucks; snowdrift booties; brown riding boots; canvas mary janes}

Lighting wasn't ideal in the old bedroom today when I was taking these shots.  I apologize. 
But you get the idea, I'm hoping.
If you're super observant you'll notice that I'm missing #30.  Truth is, I've left a spot open just in case. 
Is that wrong?
Now what about calling a big piece of flourless chocolate cake + a cup of coffee lunch? Is THAT wrong?
{I figured as long as I was asking your opinions...}

As of now I don't intend to add a 30th piece.  Buuuuuuuuut, one never knows, right?  It's like the boy scouts say, "Always be prepared by leaving your options open." Wait, I might not have that exactly right.  Anywhooooo.  The 30th spot is open just in case I need to attend a formal gala or the Oscars or an underwater tea party.  With a social life like mine you just never know what life will throw at ya.  And I'd hate to have to go to an underwater tea party without my fancy wetsuit.

Fess up, any pieces here you think I'm going to regret?


Lindsay Jean said...

I'm glad you left room for your formal wetsuit! It's always good to have a wildcard option. I'm so excited to see your remixes, especially with your cute new 'do!

silvergirl said...

picking was so hard wasn't it
i think you did a great job of selecting mixable items
good luck

Kellie said...

Cute! I still have um...a few pieces that I need to pick. Mostly tops, which I guess I don't have enough of that I love. Whoops.

Kellie said...
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Linley said...

looks like some great picks! i especially love those nine west booties!!

Angela said...

Oh I love those Nine West tan shoes! I look forward to seeing your mixes! :)

Better Than a Milk Mustache

Ashley J said...

That green thrifted skirt looks like it was a great find!

Ima said...

It's amazing how you have many very cute thrifted items. It got me thinking, what if I go to a thrift store today? haha those items you pick are nice :)

Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

I think those look great! I wish I could do this challenge, but I seriously don't have enough clothes! Or, maybe I'm just clueless..... but I repeat outfits all the time. (I actually take notes so I won't wear the same stuff in front of the same classes all the time! Lame....)

I shall watch and learn. :)

Jean said...

Love all your picks!! I'm with you, I left a few spots empty to... just in case :)

Can't wait to see how you remix that gold top! I've always wanted one, but never quite know how to pull it off.



Charlotte said...

I'm 'fessing - that green skirt. Regret. And possibly the gold top. But I'm sure you will wow me, and pull off something lovely!

Seeing your items all together has just confirmed that I'd never be able to do this. :)

E said...

I totally left #30 open as well. It looks like a good line up. Can't wait to see how you style everything.

Linda W said...

No, that is not lunch. You forgot to include a scoop of ice cream. You need your calcium.

The Auspicious Life

Rose said...

Oooooh, lurve that green skirt...
And those suede brogues, so deliciously chunky.
Can't wait to see what you do!

Kathrine said...

Nooo I don't think you are going to regret any of these items! I liked your cardis especially! And good call to leave spot 30 open. Why didn't I think of that? :)

Krystal said...

I am loving your shoe collection! goooood luuuck :)

Marie said...

Just here to say that I've been enjoying your 30 for 30 posts.:D

***** Marie *****