13 December 2010

To Be Blown About in the Windy City

I got to spend the weekend in Chicaaaagooooo!!!
(imagine me screaming "Chicago" in an Oprah voice)


We shopped, stuffed our faces, spent time with family

Tunic: H&M; Vest: The Limited
Jeggings: Old Navy; Hat: Charlotte Russe
Pin: Gifted; Boots: CSN

and survived winter's chill!

Remember back HERE when I mentioned that I would be doing a product review for CSN?
These are the boots I received.  I'll be reviewing them in full tomorrow over at A Foreign Land.
But, I'll give you a sneak preview:
{they are pretty fabulous!}


Anywho, back to my trip.  
If I'm being honest, most of the day while we were up and down Michigan Ave I looked more like this.

Did you get hit with the winter weather this weekend??


KillerB said...

I am extremely impressed that you shed your coat for those pictures in Chicago. I've only been once and it was SO COLD. If that's not dedication, I don't know what is!

Carrie said...

Seriously, I was wondering what kind of nut you were walking around Chicago in December WITHOUT a coat?!?!?! ;-) Peter went to college in Chi-town, so he knows all about their cold winters. It also holds a special place in our hearts (I may have already told you thing), because it's where we went on our honeymoon 10.5 years ago. :-) Sounds like you had a great time!!

Unknown said...

I can't believe you took off your coat! I can hardly stand to open the door, it's so cold here. On the other hand, you just look too cute! I love the outfit and I've been hankering for a pair of gray suede boots...can't wait to read your review! ~Serene

Unknown said...

I love your vested tunic look!!
I didn't hit winter weather...it hit me over a month ago!! UGH...silly Canadian winters!

Brittany said...

Definitely love the beret on you! You look cute bundled up!

silvergirl said...

You are a brave women to stand there in shirt sleeves for picture taking!
Can't wait to hear more about those fabulous boots.

Peggy said...

U look super cute in a hat!!

reni said...

navy pier, michigan avenue, buckingham fountain - make sure you go to either giordano's or lou malnatti's for deep dish pizza.

In Kinsey's Closet said...

I love the hat! It looks so cute, and a great way to keep warm!

Lori said...

It looks so cold. I love the boots. May I ask how you got in contact in CSN to do a product review? I've been wanting to do one but don't where to start. Too many little ones around to research properly :)

Elaine said...

You look SO adorb. I love your hat!!


Ashley said...

I've always wanted to go to Chicago...but I'm not so sure I could handle going in the winter. I'm the wimpiest of wimps when it comes to the cold (hey--I'm a california girl!!)

rlutz said...

I love all your Chicago outfits...my fave is the one with the tie...so chic! Definitely was pretty cold here in Chicago this weekend...glad you stayed warm.