02 November 2010

Knock, Knock, Knock - Housekeeping

You know about CSN, right?  You don't? Well, let me tell you then.  It's a network of like 1 bazillion (or 200) online stores.  It's pretty much a shopping Mecca.  If you're looking for shoes - they've got 'em.  If you're looking for a extra tall bar stools - they've got 'em.  If you're looking for bake ware - they've got it.  You're getting the point, right?  You want it, they got it.  All the cool bloggers have done CSN posts.  And I REALLY want to be a cool kid.  So, since I've never shopped CSN before and I like free stuff I'm going to do a product review so that I can check them out for myself.  Stay tuned for more information coming very soon!!

Maybe I'll check out these red mary janes.  I'm pretty sure they would fit nicely into my shoe wardrobe. 

Second Order of Business...

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Kayla said...

I just got my second offer from them to do a giveaway/review. I'm thinking I did a giveaway last time I deserve a chance to review something no? Makes sense to me!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Josie said...

Lady, you know how I love being your Tweep!
xo Josie

Olivia said...

Very cool and those are some awesome shoes.