30 December 2010

To Feel Like A Personal Style Blogger

Please don't let my silly "high fashion" pose fool you. 
This outfit makes me feel like I'm a REAL personal style blogger.

Here's my evidence.
Lots of Layers: Check
Belted Sweater: Check
What I used to consider my "I don't feel like washing my hair today" 'do,
but I've come to learn is super chic: Check
Awesome Boots secured through Product Review: Check


But you wanna know the coolest part?  This might be my most favoritest outfit EVER!
No. Joke.
And I owe it all to the blogger community!  You guys are totally inspirational.


Oh and thanks to my super-cool aunt/godmother for this awesome belt! 
I promised to put it to good use. Check.
Man, while I'm at it, thanks to Lexi for the photos. {I hope you defrosted!}

Cozy-fied Style

 Some days it takes a village. Right?


Reston Style said...

Molly! This is so super cute!!! I think I commented on it on Flickr too!


DaisyJo said...

It IS super-cute! And your commentary made me laugh. Well done.

C.G. Koens said...

Might possibly be MY favorite as well! I won't lie - I'm coveting that sweater. I'm too much of a chicken to belt a sweater because I think Peter would laugh, but it looks great on you! :-) Happy New Year and stay warm!

Ashley J said...

One of my favorite outfits I have seen you in and great nail polish color!!!


Lori said...

Super cute outfit and funny post :) That sweater looks super soft and cozy.

Charlotte said...

I'm totally with you with the hair! I've been brave enough a few times to go out in my "greasy up-do" because apparently, all the cool kids are doing it?

That sweater is fab.

ps. My sister wants to start a fashion blog (yay!) and I pointed her in your direction for tips. :)

Elle Sees said...

love the top fierce pose
anddd the outfit.

In Kinsey's Closet said...

You DO look like a great personal style blogger now!! You always have of course :0) Some outfits really make you think "Wow, I never would have done this if not for being inspired by other bloggers..."

E said...

This outfit is gorgeous!!!

Peggy said...

you are so hilarious! Please keep writing b/c you crack me up!! You look great- but you always do!! I'm going to try out the no-time-to-fix my hair updo!

rlutz said...

love that sweater...looks so cozy...I to have started belting and layering more thanks to the blogosphere...

Joy said...

I think this is my most favorite outfit of your's too! It's PERFECT! Everything about it is perfect!!

silvergirl said...

I too love this look and you were worried about that skirt Looks fab

the belt is great

oomph. said...

i've been seeing these denim shirts lately...now i want one. you look nice and warm. love the pose!


Ashley/ MILK TEETHS said...

dang feelin that high fashion pose for sure ;)

also, you have such a nice smile! I just had to comment on it :)

p.s. consider yourself followed lady!

Happy New Year!


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Love the layering - you look great!

The Suburb Experiment said...

You do look pretty cute. And I like your fashion blogger checklist.

Yuri said...

Oh i love how you mixed the outfit. Love the sweater over the denim with the sleeves peeking out. And the plaid paired with tights and boots are so chic! :))


Anonymous said...

Look at you go!!! Product review? Homemade skirt? I am thoroughly impressed. =D

Katie W... said...

Too funny! I do love the unwashed hair and total ensemble!

Dontmissyoursunsetlady said...

I am head over Heels in love with this outfit!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Hear hear! I've worn all sorts of things this year I would never have worn before (starting with floral shorts and finishing with looking like a court jester) with a lot of unexpected remixes in between. I love this outfit on you too, and I agree, it has some pretty classic blogger elements!

Happy 2011!

Olivia said...

Definitely blogger chic!

Fashnlvr said...

I adore that skirt!! It was the first thing I noticed. Then I read you made it yourself - wow! That is awesome! I love to sew but I haven't gotten brave enough for a plaid fabric yet. Matching the pattern of the fabric at the seams scares me to death!!
Love your outfit - that sweater looks so warm and it looks to be just the right color for the skirt! Fabulous!!