22 December 2010

Excuses, Excuses

There's no outfit post here today. (I promise this trend should end starting the 27th)

I've got an excuse to share with you instead.  Go ahead and save your thanks until after I give it to you. Yesterday was my only day off this week (Well, my only day off until Christmas Eve. Of course I'm off Christmas day too.  Plus, I won't be working the day after Christmas.  But, today is my only day off this week until those days.) and it was my intention to take a few shots of the super cute outfit I wore to run around and finish up all my holiday errands yesterday.  One problem, it was rainy and yucky.  The weather made outside outfit pictures next to impossible.  Then I got so busy baking and sewing once I got home that inside pictures were even nexter to impossible.  That, my friends, brings us here to an outfitless post.

However I do have one picture for you.

This is the material out of which I made a skirt yesterday.  Let me start by saying that working with flannel is WAY more difficult than working with cotton.  I didn't know this when I purchased this extra soft and cozy flannel for the most perfect winter skirt.  Last night I finally made the thing and I'm not ashamed to say that it isn't well constructed.  It's a bit of a mess actually.  BUT, when I wore it into my closet there were items leaping off hangers, begging to be worn with it.  I'm serious, a line of potential outfits formed right there in my itty bitty closet.  There was pushing and shoving and dirty looks - just like a black Friday line at the Wal-Mart.  All that mayhem has convinced me that although the skirt isn't perfect, it MUST be worn.  It has the potential of becoming an integral piece in my mixing arsenal.  Therefore, I cannot in good conscience abandon it because of a few uneven (and totally visible) stitches.

Stay tuned for its unveiling (once I get back on track around here) and PLEASE resist the urge to point and giggle at its imperfections.

Are there other materials that I should stay away from as a novice seamstress?
(it's almost an insult to seamstress' to call myself that...)


Elle Sees said...

i wish i could sew!
ps--have u entered my giveaway?

Lori said...

Sewing stresses me out so much. I made a skirt once and the stitching around the elastic band is so bad, I HAVE to wear a belt with it.
Maybe I'll try again next year :)
Can't wait to see your creation

Lydia Marie said...

Can't wait to see the skirt! I took a sewing class a few years back but there wasn't much hope for me as a seamstress unfortunately.

silvergirl said...

Well, the material is adorable.
I hope we get to see said skirt at some point

Lise Marie said...

I love the material and you can do so much with it!!! I can't wait to see the finished project.