30 September 2010

To Walk the Dog

From the moment I woke up this morning, Spike was shrieking and screaming like my high school boyfriend at a haunted house.

I figured there were two options.
Sedatives (one for him and two for me) or a Walk.

We're proud to be drug-free.

That kind of looks like a smile to me...  What do you think?

These are not IDEAL dog walking shoes.
By the time we got home, my toes were ground chuck.

Look! GUYS! I'm getting a little more comfortable in front of a camera!!!!!!

Oh, ya, back to the story.  So, the walk worked.  Spike shut up was worn out by the time we got back.  Mission. Accomplished.

Prepare to see this red striped tunic frequently.  I've got it styled about 5 different ways in my head already.  I picked it up at a thrift store for like $4.  I'm going to get some mileage out of it. The grey stretch jeans (Grey jeans which are a bit baggy in the knee in these pictures.  Perhaps that's a down side of stretch denim?) are from Target.  The toe demolishers were picked up for $3 at Rugged Warehouse.  My key necklace was a gift from the hubby... he remembered that I dropped a hint 3 months before Christmas!!!!!  He's a keeper.

Spike wanted me to show you his super butch pirate scarf too.  That is a skull and cross bone print, people.
Which reminds me. 
As we were walking today this couple was getting out of their car and the man said, "Watch out. Vicious Dog." 
He must have seen Spike's cravat.

29 September 2010

To Go to the Dollar Store

Some nights it sounds like I share a bed with a wood chipper.

My husband snores.

In his defense, he feels really bad about it and is incredibly apologetic. 
He's also sweet enough to wear a Breathe Right Strip every night to bed.

Those things are NOT cheap.  Not. Cheap. 
Knowing that, can you please explain why when I saw them at the Dollar store a few weeks ago ($1 for a box of 30!!!) I didn't buy them?  Nope, neither can I.

So, now I torture myself by going back to the Dollar store once a week to see if they've gotten another shipment of them to practically give away.

To this point it has been a fruitless search.
But I'm not going down without a fight.  Weekly trips to the Dollar store it is.

This dress is another thrifting find.  It's actually a house dress that my super talented friend, Lisa, altered for me.  Now, it's adorably wearable and totally comfortable.  She also made this belt.  But she didn't make the shoes.  Those I got at Marshalls.  Though, I may have been shopping with her when I found them...

p.s. I think I need some props or something to do with my HANDS, wouldn't you agree?

OK, so this is probably a more realistic picture of how I looked yesterday.
~ Barefoot, in the kitchen making Zucchini Bread at 3 in the afternoon waiting for Oprah to start ~
The only thing missing from this cliché picture is a strand of pearls.

If my 20 year old, women's studies major self could see me now...

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28 September 2010

To Get My Feet Wet

It hasn't rained in Chattanooga in weeks.

However, this week, the week that I want to head out-of-doors to take pictures for my newest project ... it's raining. Hmmmm.

Thankfully, these puppies have survived an unexpected monsoon that sent us running through the streets of NYC when I visited in June.  Okay, just try and not think about what mixes with rain water in the puddles on Manhattan Island ...  Pretty gross, right?

So, I'm still working on the posing for my self portraits.  Bear with me. 
When left all alone, here's the type of stuff I come up with. 
What am I even doing?

Perhaps I was trying to show you the ring I'm wearing?
I got it at a Silpada party several years ago.

The top and dark denim shorts are from Target.
I really, really love the details of this blouse which were totally indecipherable in the full outfit shots above.

Indecipherable.  Yep, that's a 10 pointer. 
Come on back tomorrow for more vocabulary lessons and hopefully a little bit of sunshine.

27 September 2010

To Go Buy a Tripod

This self portrait stuff is harder than it looks.

It took 15 shots to get this one that I don't HATE that much.
Taking pictures of myself will get easier, right?  Or at least I'll feel less self conscience?
{here's where you say, "Of course it will.  It just takes a little practice."}
Oh, good, I'm so glad to hear that.

Those cowboy boots were issued to me the day I moved South of the Mason Dixon line.  We're all required to own a pair down here.
I'm serious.
Check the manual.

I finally decided to snap one in the mirror so I could actually see my face before the shot was taken.  Alone in front of a camera it does some really weird stuff.  I hate to subject you to that horror show on our first day together. I really want you to come back.  My bizarre facial expressions can just be something for you to look forward to in the future.

I love this dress.  I bought it in the early '90s at some head shop in St. Louis.
I'm super glad it can't talk.  If it could, I'd never wear it out in public for fear it might incriminate me.

Here's a detailed shot of the very adorable belt that I paid 79¢ for on my first ever thrifting expedition.

I found these lovelies on a clearance rack in Baltimore. A three day work conference earns one some retail therapy, wouldn't you agree?
Man, remember when I used to work full time? 
Well, maybe you don't.  But I did used to work full time and I do remember. 
I haven't always lived this life of leisure.