28 February 2011

To Be Twinsies

I had to drop the dog off at the groomer at 8am.
Look, I'm just going to be honest here.  I'm NOT a morning person.
My hubby has even been known to call me "grumplestiltskin" when the alarm goes off.


I wasn't psyched to be out in public that early.  And I'll admit that I dropped him off wearing my pjs.
(pjs don't count in the 30x30! Look it up
The groomers gave me a little bit of trouble, but I promised to shower before picking him up.


Imagine my surprise when I picked him up wearing my blue checked shirt and the groomer had coincidentally put him in this blue checked scarf. I squealed.


Blue Plaid Button Up (thrifted); Wool Shorts (F21)
Black Vest (Express); Nautical Scarf (thrifted)
Blue Tights; Black Strappy Heels (Me TOO)

I promise that I have never intentionally dressed to match my puppy.  But, when it happens by pure coincidence, I'm running with it.
I'm also apparently squealing. Loudly. In a public place.

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27 February 2011

Dreaming of the Red Carpet...

Yesterday I announced the 2011 AcadeMolly Awards over at A Foreign Land.
I thought I would share what I wore to the ceremony. 
I chose this magnificent Carolina Herrera gown.  It was part of her Spring 2011 Ready To Wear line. 
Stunning, right? 

And as long as I'm dreaming, I should tell you that looked just like Du Juan too...

Now I've got to get outside and pull up that red carpet before it starts raining.

Do you have plans to watch tonight's other award show?
More importantly, what will YOU be wearing?

25 February 2011

To Proceed with The Plan

It is all working out according to my plan.... Muahh, ha, haaaaaaaaaaa


I've mentioned my less than inspiring black and white work dress code before, remember?


When I gathered all the items for my 30x30 items I had this outfit in mind as a "go to" work uniform during the whole challenge.

The Plan
Black Cardigan (Gap); Black Skinny Cords
White Button Up (F21); Skinny Belt (Charlotte Russe)
Chucks; Beaded Bracelet Worn as Necklace (Hand Me Down)
Pink Flower (it's olive)

So far it has worked perfectly every. single. time. I. have. worn. it.
Not only is it comfortable, it's the perfect blank canvas for lots of different accessories. 
And did I mention that it's comfortable? And it meets my dress code? And I can wear all kinds of different accessories with it?  Oh, I did? Huh...

Welp, people as far as words go ... that's all I've got for you today.  Sorry. 
Let's all celebrate the end of the week instead of focusing on my less than eloquent prose.

TGIF and all that!

In other exciting news, today, yours truly is the Freshly Picked Rosebud over at BonBon Rose Girls.
I'm trying not to get a big head about it... but let's be honest.  I'm failing.
Would you be willing to suffer through a few more pictures of me stop by and show some love?

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24 February 2011

To Dress for the "Cold"

When I put my items together for this 30X30 the weather was faaaaaaa-reezing.


Because I'm a smarty pants, I included a wool sweater, LINED wool pants, a flannel skirt & wool shorts.


Then all of a sudden freakin' Spring landed on Chattanooga.  We've had 60ish degree weather for the past two weeks.  I mean, "Yay!"  But, "Gah!"  Did I mention all the wool in my very limited wardrobe??
... I blame that stupid groundhog and his shadow.


Soooooooooooooo, when temps dipped down to a balmy frigid 47 degrees today, I figured it was time to pull out some wool and flannel to keep me toasty throughout the day.

Grey Chunky Sweater (Banana Republic); Plaid Skirt (I made it)
Grey Tights (Gap); Boots (Victoria's Secret)
Brown Twisty Belt (Thrifted)

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23 February 2011

To Play Paper Dolls

Last week, Liz over at Reston Style suggested we play paper dolls.


Here's how it worked... we each took a look at the other's 30 for 30 items and picked out what she would wear.


Well, readers, here you have it.  Three of the pieces I'm wearing (Red Striped top, Blue Plaid Shirt & Black Skinny Cords) were picked out by the beautiful Miss Liz.


One of things I most love about Liz's personal style is her incredible collection and use of scarves.  Regularly, she expertly adds a pop of color to her outfits with just the right scarf.
Keeping that in mind, I KNEW I had to include a scarf when I styled her picks.
Consider it my stab at Reston Style.

Black Skinny Cords (Gap); Red Striped Top (Express)
Blue Plaid Button Up (Thrifted); Blue Scarf (Gifted)

I was super excited to play and incredibly honored that Liz invited me.
Thank you, Liz.
Plus, during a month in which I have limited choices in the clothing department it was a blast to get to pick pieces out of a different closet!

Anyone else out there interested in playing some Paper Dolls?

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22 February 2011

To Get Over the Hump

This 15th outfit officially gets me over the hump.

There might have been a bit more symmetry if I had published it on an actual "hump day."
Imagine the bloggy cleverness that I could have entertained you with... getting over the hump ON an actual hump day.
Get it? Get it?
Yah, maybe we aren't missing anything.


Regardless of what day of the week I'm posting this 15th baby, I'm happy to be posting it.


It brings me one step closer to a shopping spree at Forever 21.
Can you believe they FINALLY opened one here in Chattanooga and I'm in the midst of a shopping ban?

Purple Blouse (Express); Purple Cardigan (2nd Hand)
Boyfriend Jeans (Gap); Snowdrift Booties (Nine West)
Purple Beaded Bracelet (2nd Hand)

The sweet, sweet irony of life never ceases to amaze me.

If you're a fellow remixer, where do you plan to break your shopping fast?
If you're not, what store makes you lose all fiscal control?

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21 February 2011

To Battle the Snark

I'm not usually one for sparkles in the daytime.  But, I was battling a case of the snarks and wondered if breaking my rule with a little bit of shimmer when the sun was out would change my mood.


I mean, you can't tell from that first picture, but the majority of the initial pictures that Lexi so generously took looked more like this one...

That is until we happened upon this twisty belt sculpture.
It was like Elaine, my muse, was speaking to me. 
She was encouraging me that  sparkles in the daytime are okay.
She gently whispered, "Don't let the snark ruin your outfit."


Although, I kind of feel like Elaine might more likely say, "Snap out of it, crab, you're messing up your look!"
So, I took her advice.
Or at least, I took the advice of the magical voice in my head.

Snarky Sparkles
White Blouse (F21); Gold Sweater (Banana Republic ~ 2nd hand)
Red Belt (Charlotte Russe); Black Skirt (gifted)
Red Tights; Black Strappy Sandals (Me TOO)

Wait, is admitting that I take advice from a magical voice in my head grounds for institutionalization?

 In other exciting news, today is the day for a winner to be announced in my little 100!! Giveaway.

Congratulations to the beautiful and talented Killer B of Killer B Ramblings.


Now, don't you all want to stop by and tell her how fabulous and fun she is!?!?!
{Madame Winner, I'll be emailing you in no time to work out the details.}

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18 February 2011

To Prove I'm No Chef

I've never claimed to be a chef.

Fire Alarm

But today at lunch I proved it by setting off the fire alarm


...while making a salad.


I was frying my own rice noodles to add a bit of crunch.

In my defense, there is a five second window between totally raw noodles and noodles that are toasted crispy and smoking like a hippy with a brand new nickel bag.

Polka Dot Dress (vintage); White Blouse (F21)
Black Vest (Express); Tie (the hubby's)
Black Tights (Express); Black Sandals (Me TOO via DSW)

Thankfully, the salad turned out delicious WITHOUT the char grilled rice noodles.
Even more thankfully, my friend made an amazing cream of artichoke soup, crusty bread and yummy mango spritzers to keep our tummies from grumbling.  She was even kind enough to try the noodles. 
{I didn't even see her gag once!}

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who considers the smoke detector to be a necessary kitchen gadget...


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17 February 2011

To Have REAL Problems

I found this jacket on a thrift store expedition (FOR LIKE $4!!!).


As I picked it up, I imagined putting it on, looking in the mirror and seeing this:

Today, I tried and I got this:

Real Problems

Not exactly what I envisioned. 
But people, I've got so many REAL problems in my life (for instance, those indentations around my ankles when my socks are too tight ... or the Flixster app on my iPhone shutting down before I'm able to see what time the Bieber* movie is playing in 3D) that I have little room for minuscule wardrobe worries like this one.


Sure, it is less "Michael Kors" than I was imagining... but it's still pretty stinking cute.

Camel Jacket (thrifted); Boyfriend Jeans (similar)
Striped Top (similar); Snowdrift Booties
Black Beret (similar)

In case my sarcasm didn't communicate it (and it rarely does), I was feeling incredibly grateful today.  It was one of those days where I was faced with the magnitude of my good fortune.  My life is far from perfect, but there are just so, so many things that are incredibly easy in my life.  I stumbled onto this realization today when I really did worry for a minute about the indentations on my ankles from my socks!  Seriously.  I wouldn't make that up.  I mean if I am so blessed (sheltered, clothed, well fed, employed, loved) that I have time to worry about some sock indentations... let's go ahead and call me fortunate. 
Mega shout out to The Big Man (occasionally that's what I like to call God) for his incredible generosity!

What is the most ridiculous thing you've caught yourself "stressing" about recently?

*Oh and for those of you keeping track that is 3 Bieber mentions on this blog in less than a week. I hadn't considered going for a record... until now.