31 October 2010

To Celebrate Halloweeeeeeeen

Last weekend we were walking through Target and the hubby asked, "What are we going to be for Halloween?"  I suggested we head to the costume department to look for inspiration figuring we could throw together make shift costumes to save a few bucks.
Plans changed when the hubby found this. 

(sorry I didn't de-red eye this one... oops)

He fell in love at first sight with the fuzzy penguin costume.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.
Two reasons: 1. I love dressing up in costumes 2. candy
Since we've been dating the hubby has begun to get more and more into the fun.
So, when HE volunteered to dress as a giant fuzzy penguin, I'm pretty sure I fell even more in love with him.
Thankfully there was an Eskimo costume that I liked too and it kind of "went with" his penguin suit.

If you're looking for candidates for husband of the year, may I submit this photo for your consideration?

It's pretty awesome having lots of friends who are gifted photographers!!
My girlfriend had a whole set up to capture the guests in their get ups.
Awesome, huh?
Check out more of her work HERE.

I can't believe Fall Fashion Week has come to an end.  What a fun week! It's been great finding so many new blogs, getting tons of stylish inspiration and receiving such sweet bloggy love from all the visitors here.
Please head over to moms are for everyone! to check out one last day of fabulous Fall looks.

30 October 2010

To Get a Few Tips

Plagued by awkwardness in front of the camera, I decided to enlist some help.

My coach brought me to the Enchanted Corn Maze in the hopes that an inspiring background would put me at ease.  (clearly the corn had seen better days...) She tried to give me some tips and encouraged me to use some props.

All her coaching enabled Lexi and me to get a decent shot or two.
But, as you can see... She's still much more comfortable in front of the camera.

Chambray Shirt: Thrifted; Jeans: Old Navy Sweetheart Skinnies
Leopard Flats: Rugged Warehouse ($3!!)
Orange Vest: Clothing Swap
Aviators: Standard issue the day you marry a pilot

I'm not 100% sold on this denim on denim look.  I know it's been super trendy and whenever I see it on others, I think it looks fantastic.  But, I'm not sure I've pulled it off today.  I like how it looked in my bedroom mirror, but I'm not sure I'm in love with what the camera saw.  Oh well, there's limited pieces in my wardrobe over the next 30 days and this look allows me to cross off another day.

By the way, in case you're keeping score the orange vest is clearly OUTERWEAR worn for warmth and so it doesn't count as a piece in my 30 for 30. Are we all clear on that one?

Now it's time to kick off your weekend with Emery and some other stylish ladies strutting their Fall Fashion Week looks.  Just visit moms are for everyone! to spread some love!

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29 October 2010

To Strike a Pose

It's come to my attention that if you were viewing my blog in either Google Chrome or Firefox that you've been greeted with a big old hunk of code up top.
You'll notice the issue has been resolved.
And I wanted to send out a special "THANK YOU" to my lovely friend Alyssa for pointing out the code drama.  Alyssa, you are as sweet as you are funny and talented!  Thanks so much for holding my hand through the drama.

click here to check out her personal blog

Now, on to the Fall Fashion

Apparently, I'm a cheesy poser.


Lexi says when she's taking my picture I'll strike a pose,
you know, something like this

and then I won't move until I've heard the shutter go off.

But that's good modeling right?
Forcing the photographer to take the picture you can see in your head, even though the photographer can see the actual picture with the camera.

Black Turtleneck: Wished for Here & Found at a thrift store for $2
Hippy Dress worn as skirt: Head shop somewhere in STL
Boots: Hope you aren't getting sick of them
Socks: "Stocking Stuffer" (see what I did there? pun definitely intended) from the hubby last year at Christmas
Necklace: ABC Trading Co Bracelet turned into a necklace using black ribbon
Earrings: Coldwater Creek
Belt: Thrifted

For more Fall Fashion Week Fun and participants who are rocking some more natural poses than me, head on over to Emery's blog moms are for everyone!

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28 October 2010


I met some girlfriends for coffee this morning when it was still dark outside.
Still. Dark. Outside.
Obviously, that early in the morning and prior to coffee consumption I wanted to throw on a pair of sweats and tee and make my way out the door. 
Then I remembered 30 for 30.
So, I got dressed IN THIS (heels too) and went for coffee.

But I didn't put on any make up.


Hey, smarty pants.
There's no "makeup" rule in 30 for 30.


Later in the day, between downpours and after I put on makeup, Lexi (my amazing photographer friend who is also participating in Fashion Week) and I ventured to the Chattanooga Zoo.
Wednesday is $1 admission day.
Unfortunately, due to the storm we didn't make it to the squirrel exhibit.
{you think I'm kidding don't you? Well, I'm not}

But we did see these creepy little creatures.
And some spider monkeys.
Which made me think of this.

I should also tell you that:
Not trying to brag yes, I am but I totally made it from a piece of cloth, some elastic and just a little tiny bit of thread.
You can read more of the story here and here.
I paired its polka dotted self with a striped shirt BECAUSE I think that the way Chelsea effortlessly mixes prints is totally inspiring and I'm starting out slowly.
Shirt: Express; Skirt: Did I mention I made it?
Shoes: Knock off J.Simps from Payless
'80s vibe beads & belt: ABC Trading Co.

Looking for a little more fashion?  You should totally check out Emery and the rest of the girls over at moms are for everyone!  Fall Fashion week is flying by.  Don't miss the fun.

27 October 2010

To Weather the Billycane

Like most of the country, we had some SERIOUS weather around here yesterday.
There were funnel clouds seen all around and they discontinued regular television programming
to go on a non-stop weather watch.
You guys, it's no joke.
I missed Oprah.
At first I thought they were just being overly dramatic, but the hubby explained that there are


Thankfully, I didn’t have to take outfit shots in that craziness.
Even more thankfully, these gorgeous boots weren’t damaged in all the rain.


It’s a total coincidence, but these earrings used to belong to my Great Grandmother.
It was Great Grandmother Lucille who has been reported to have said, “Land the river, it’s a billycane.”
The phrase has become famous in my family.
Even the hubby (who never met her) calls crazy storms “billycanes” now.


Another coincidence? These pictures were shot at Nana’s Frozen Custard.
It’s the home of The Most Yummy Frozen Custard I have ever eaten.
{Yes, St. Louis people, it’s even better than Ted Drewes.}
Though I NEVER called my Great Grandmother Lucille “Nana,"
I'm sure you’d agree there’s a bit of a tie in, right?

Navy Cashmere Sweater: 2nd Hand J.Crew
Plaid Skirt: Thrifted; Belt: Thrifted
Earrings: Inherited from “Never called her Nana” Grandma Lucille
Boots: Victoria’s Secret

Yes, I really did stick my nose in my Nana’s Pudding flavored frozen custard.
Give me a break. We had gotten a little slap happy by this point.

See if the other ladies got slap happy in their Fall Fashion Week photo shoots by visiting
mom’s are for everyone!

26 October 2010

To Make my Brain Hurt

During past Fashion Weeks I’ve banked pictures for my posting ease.
(and also to take advantage of the skillz of Miss Lexi my brilliant photographer)


This year is no different.
Last week, I roped Lexi into a photo adventure at a beautiful local park full of changing leaves.
(and croquet sets which give me something to do with my hands)


Okay, so here's where it gets a little complicated.
Not only am I participating in Fall Fashion Week, but I’ve also just started a 30 for 30.
(30 items of clothing ONLY for 30 days)


In the past it didn’t matter that I wasn’t actually wearing the outfits on the days that I posted them.
Except with the 30 for 30 rules … This year it matters.
Plus, I had to take into account that once I run out of Lexi pics and I'm back to the tri-pod,
I'll go back to posting pictures the day AFTER I wear an outfit.


Does your brain hurt yet?

Dress: Thrifted; Tights: Target
Boots: Rocket Dog; Necklace: Express
Earrings: Vintage (they were my step-grandmothers)

You should have seen me trying to figure out what I'm wearing this week and WHEN.
I’ve somehow turned a fun blog project into a complicated calculus equation.
I have a special knack for making life complicated.
It’s a gift.

Wait until you see all the lovely ladies participating in Fall Fashion Week this year!!!
Check them out right HERE at moms are for everyone.

25 October 2010

To Kick off Fashion Week

Fall Fashion Week is finally here and I just couldn’t be more excited!


It was Spring Fashion Week at Emery’s blog that showed me how amazing the blogger community is.


Participating in Spring Fashion Week brought my first blog, A Foreign Land, out of hiding and introduced me to the fun of interacting with other bloggers.


It changed my blogging from a monologue into a conversation.

White Top: The Gap; Skirt: Thrifted
Black Spectators: DSW clearance rack
Bright red tights: Target; Necklace: Etsy

So, believe me when I say, “I LOVE Fashion Week.”
I’ll forever be grateful to Emery and Moms are for everyone! for drawing me out of my dark hole and inviting me into the blogging community!!
{I promise I'm not ever always this sappy}

Now, it’s time to head on over to check out all the fabulous fashionistas participating in Fall Fashion Week.
Don't forget to tell them how lovely they look...

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24 October 2010

On Tap Next Week and Beyond

Not only am I starting Fall Fashion Week tomorrow...

(here's a subtle reminder)

There is a PRIZE involved
... just sayin'

I'm also embarking on my first evah "30 for 30"!!!

Watch this video for more information:

(why do they have to freeze such an UNattractive moment of the video??  geesh)

Something else I forgot to mention on the video, there are NO repeat outfits allowed!!  The whole point is to be creative and try NEW(er) pairings.  ...to "think outside the box" if you will.  And hopefully I will.

Let's say a little prayer that 15 days in I'm still this excited and Leaving the House in THIS?!? doesn't turn into a painful land of complaints that ultimately lead to failure. 

Although, that train wreck might be entertaining for you the reader.
I guess you'll just have to stay tuned to see exactly WHAT unfolds.

22 October 2010

To Experience Fall's Chill

I was rifling through my closet last night in preparation for my first ever 30 for 30 (more on that tomorrow...) when I found this skirt.
I got it at a thrift store last Spring and have yet to wear it because I couldn't find the exact right look...

And last night it came to me.
I'm kind of in love with this because it makes me feel very Peggy Olson.

Yesterday I complained about how the temperatures hadn't dropped quite as much as I would have liked.  But this morning I had to eat my words. (this is something I'm quite used to)
I woke up to 48 degrees!!
So, these patterned tights were a last minute addition to warm me up.

The thermos filled with hot tea also came along for the ride. 
The tea also kept me warm, plus, it matched my skirt and gave me something to do with my hands.
(an ever present struggle in these outfit posts it seems)

Plaid Skirt: Thrift Store Find; White Camp Blouse: New York & Co*
Blue Flower Pin: Gift from my Fabulously Fashionable God Mother
Black Heels: Jessica Simpson Knock offs from Payless

YAY for Fall temperatures!!

In other news, there is a VIRTUAL FASHION SHOW going on today at bug miscellany!!
Stop by to check out all the lovely ladies and say hello to our fabulous host, Kelli.

*I must have been shopping with my sister, that girl can do some DAMAGE in New York & Co.


21 October 2010

To Overthink My Shirt

I'm kind of nervous that my shirt falls on the wrong side of the funky/fugly continuum.

I have two supporting pieces of evidence.
1. The lady at the counter wearing a VERY ugly shirt (that kind of resembled mine) told me three times how much she LOVED my shirt.

Did you notice that EVERY shirt in the Ugly Shirt Day! post was paisley???
Doesn't that KIND of seal my shirt's fate?

Ugly Shirt: Express; Nearly White Khakis: Gap
Brown Heels: Unlisted; Cheap Gold Earrings that I live for: ABC Trading Co.

Ugly or not, it got worn.  I'm not sure it'll be making its way back into the rotation though.

20 October 2010

Two Things

You guys!
I'm featured as a guest poster for the FIRST TIME in my blogging career.

You should really click

to visit Carrie's blog.

Tell her I said, "Hi!"


...and in other news...

I REALLLLLLLLLY want to win this bike!
I'm posting this ad so that I can win this bike!
Entering their contest is just THIS simple.
{But please don't win this bike instead of me.}
Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes