Why ANOTHER Blog??

We moved down South a few years ago, and I slowly began to take note of a few things. One thing in particular... most GRITS (Girls Raised In The South) don't leave the house without looking "put together". Well, I'll never be one of the GRITS. I give myself permission to leave my house wearing whatever is comfortable and occasionally that means I'm “less than put together." But my life as a full time house wife and a part time fitness instructor meant that those “less than put together” days were no longer the exception.  They became the rule.
I didn’t want to become a total slob!  But it was slowly happening.

It was that realization that inspired "Leaving the House in THIS?!?" Consider this blog to be my wardrobe accountability partner. It stands as a tool to remind me and YOU that it is fun to feel pretty.  Since I like to wear my "leaving the house" clothes, this is a place I can share them with you. Maybe those GRITS are on to something! After all, my wardrobe consists of more than just my work out wear and house cleaning attire.

Now “Leaving the House in THIS?!?” is proof.
I hope as you continue to visit you'll pick up outfit ideas. (I encourage you to steal my looks!!)  I hope you'll laugh a little.  And ultimately I hope you'll be inspired to Leave the House looking and feeling your best.


Angela Noelle said...

Wait a cotton-pickin' second. How am I just discovering this blog?? This is AMAZING!! You are so adorable!! Oh God, I feel like such a slob for wearing pajamas all day, every day...

Reuben said...
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