29 April 2011

We're Just Fine

Thank you all for your sweet concern.

We were largely unaffected by the crazy storms that hit most of the Southeast earlier this week.

I explain the whole deal HERE.


08 April 2011

Someone Should Have Told Her...

As much as I love that trench - its cut and color are fantastic...
As much as I love Renee Zellweger in that trench - she is striking a fierce pose here, no?
As much as I love the cause she's obviously supporting...

Someone should have told Ms. Zellweger to move a few inches to the side to avoid the unfortunate "devil horns" effect that Breast Health International Logo is having.  Oopsy.

Happy Friday, all!!

07 April 2011

To Pretend

I'm obsessed with tutus. There, I said it.  
Blame it on the fact that I grew up in a dance studio...
But I think a tutu is about the most beautiful piece of clothing a woman could ever wear.
Recently I've been trying on the trendy tutu-skirts like mad. Unfortunately, when I look in the mirror I always discover a 30 something woman who looks like she's playing dress up. It's pitiful.


So you can imagine how excited I was to open my birthday gift from Lisa and find this skirt inside!
In my mind, it is the perfect example of a grown up tutu.

Tutu Elegant

The red and white stripes make it look almost ballet pink.


It has several layers of twirl inducing material.


It's ultra feminine and the epitome of lady-like.


And it doesn't make me look like I'm playing dress up.

Tutu Elegant
White Top (Gap); Tutu-esque Skirt (Gifted)
Red Heels (Payless); Faux Python Belt (Charlotte Russe)
Pink Ring ("Junk" Sale); Pink Necklace (Express)

Even though, in my mind, I am.

Have you included any pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that are reminiscent of the "dress up" clothes of your youth?

05 April 2011

To Make an Introduction

Readers, I would like to make a very special introduction on the blog today.
I'm pleased to present to you, the perfect skirt.

Country Strooooooooong

Remember back here when I mentioned that I might be returning some of my birthday purchases?
(Go ahead and click the link to remember... we'll wait for you.)


Well, I did return the pale pink embellished top (ONLY because it didn't play well with other clothes in my closet).  In its place, I brought home this most perfect skirt.


The moment I hung it up there were multiple pieces leaping off hangers begging to be paired with it.  It was quite a scene, I tell ya.


To date, I have envisioned eleventy million looks using this skirt and the other clothes already quite at home in my closet.
I mean, talk about playing well with others... It has fit right in like it belongs there.


See now why I call it "perfect?"

Country Strooooooooong
Floral Eyelet Skirt (F21); Chambray Shirt (Thrifted)
Polka Dot Flats (DSW years ago); Handkerchief (Grandpa's - literally)

Have you ever brought home a piece of clothing so "perfect" for your wardrobe that you wondered where it had been all of your life?

01 April 2011

To Laugh

Last month I celebrated my birthday with a few moments of, "I'm getting OLD," panic.


Yesterday, I decided to smack that panic in the chops by wearing a dress that just might make me look 12.


Well, "12" if you ignore the WELL EARNED and much loved laugh lines around my face.

Striped Dress (2nd Hand); Black tights (Express)
Ankle Strap Flats (Payless); Rose Earrings (F21)

Wanna know something? It totally worked.
This dress actually helped to change my perspective.
What do you think about that?
Just another reason to put a big smile (and possibly a few more laugh lines) on my mug!
Happy Friday, guys! Hope your weekend is chock full of lots of laugh-line-inducing events.