15 December 2010

To Sit in the Airport

We spent 13 hours in the Chicago and Atlanta airports on Sunday.


Eighty to ninety percent of the flights out of O'Hare were cancelled because it looked like THIS:

I know this blog is supposed to be about what I wore... but I have to mention what I ate.
A Chicago Dog.
{And it was nearly as good in the airport as it was from the street vendor}
That hot dog made the time at the airport a little more bearable.


Sweater: Vintage (does "From High School" count as Vintage?) American Eagle
Wool Scarf: Brooks Brothers; Jeans: Express
Boots: Payless (??); Purse: Lisa C Purses

What's your favorite street (or airport) food?


Elaine said...

Oh, you look super cozy!! And that DOES look yummy :)


Carrie said...

You look super cute and I am beyond thrilled that I am not the only person who still has and WEARS sweaters from high school!! Yes, call it vintage and then it's perfectly hip. ;-)

Hand over the dog and no one will get hurt...

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I was delayed in Atlanta this Sunday too! Three hours because our flight crew was from Detroit!

My fave airport eat? So far the most memorable best has got to be the bloody mary from the fakey Frenchi bistro with the yellow striped awnings at the Denver airport - don't recall if they were just that awesome or if it was so much cooler because it was 9am in the morning on a workday while I was having them! ;o)

silvergirl said...

I am afraid if I wore something from high school it would scream 80's so loud I would be kicked out of anyplace I wore it.
My favorite street food is a corn dog with mustard. I never eat a corn dog or even just a hot dog for that matter at any other time. The mustard has to be just plain yellow

Rachael said...

That's the perfect outfit for the airport.... just snazzy enough to elevate your mood while being totally comfy for the long flights.

Charlotte said...

1. You're pretty - even in the airport.

2. I'm jealous.

3. Chicago dogs are mad tasty.

4. That sweater looks like the bomb.

Sands said...

Oh no! It sucks when you're at the airport and all the flights are delayed because of the weather. But that hotdog looks delishh!


Olivia said...

You look very cute! Some of my fave clothes are ones left over from high school!

Lydia Marie said...

This cracked me up, I actually just ate a hot dog in the Oakland airport like 5 minutes ago. It was delicious, and you look so cute and cozy!

Elle Sees said...

i totally did a blog post on the best airports for food once. it's under Travel on my page.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

That sweater is awesome! I'm pretty sure nothing from American Eagle is as nice as that these days! And I know what you mean, some of my older clothes are starting to approach vintage territory now... ; )

angelonwheels said...

I love the last pic! That is classic Christmas card worthy!

Kara said...

Look at you being all fabulous at the airport! I'm not in airports that much to have a favorite thing.
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