02 December 2010

To Let My Emotions Show All Over my Face

I wasn't even going to include this in my 30 for 30 because, let's face it, the outfit is less than inspiring.

... and I was frustrated when I took the pictures, which you can see in my eyes.

White Top: Gap; Sweetheart Skinny Jeans: Old Navy
Knock Off J. Simps: Payless;
Pashmina straight from the Middle East: Gifted from one of the hubby's International class mates
Key Necklace: Gifted from the Hubby; Silver Bangles: ??
Black Leather Belt: Express
Frustrated Eyes: A result of my poor planning 

... and I only technically wore these shoes for the pictures.
Despite all those reasons, yesterday's work schedule and chilly temperatures prompted me to pull these from the archives.

I wore this to host a casual movie night/dinner party early in the month and pretty quickly after I shot these pics I changed back into my super cute, boot slippers that allowed me to be a comfortable "hostess with the mostest" and still look pretty close to put together. 
Never fear, the party was much more successful than these pictures!

Personal Style Bloggers, this one is for you:
How often do you post outfit pics that are just so-so?

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Krystal said...

It's not like it's a horrible outfit though!! Pretty much what I look like now, haha :)

Lori said...

You not wearing sweats, so I say you did good.
This year, I have posted almost everything because the whole point of my blog is to force me to put on real clothes, even if it's not the most creative and fashionable outfit. After my resolution ends though, I may stop posting so-so things or maybe not... I haven't decided yet:)

E said...

I'm in a hat, sweatshirt, and converse right now, so that looks pretty put together comparably.

amy kelinda said...

I actually like this! The simple white top and jeans is too underrated! I love that combo, personally. As for "meh" outfits, I post them anyways. Mostly because otherwise I'd have nothing to post, hahahaha!

In Kinsey's Closet said...

I like this outfit! Sometimes simple is the most chic! I have been posting "meh" photos more and more as the challenge drags on! My pictures today are awful but I posted anyway. A lot of times I find positive feedback on outfits I didn't like, and it makes me feel more confident with them!

Jean said...

You look totally adorable!! LOVE that scarf and you look totally comfy.

And I know the feeling! Sometimes, it's just tough :P

Love your blog!!



Law Mama said...

I felt pretty "meh" about my outfits over the weekend, but I posted them anyway because I'm trying to get done with this remix ASAP.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

You don't have to reinvent the wheel with each outfit Molly! I think you look really cute!

I don't take outfit pictures every day because I'm too lazy and disorganized, and tend to do semi-official "photoshoots." Usually when my boyfriend is around (embarassment of tripods in public places). So yeah, I usually try and dress reasonably for those. But sometimes things seem like a good idea until you get the pictures back, sigh.

Sorry, I'm super tired, that's why I'm rambling idiotically all over your comments... ; D

Kristina said...

For what it's worth, I totally love this look...we sometimes under-rate the simple looks, when they're just so flattering. You look great!
Kristina J.

Katie W said...

You call this less than inspiring but I call in simple, nay classic. It may not be a wild remix or top five memorable but you still look great! And since I'm just beginning to play with the idea of fashion as my own force, it's nice to know that I can relate to you on the simple jeans and a white tee day :)

The Elegant Bohemian said...

I think you look great! I've taken some crap pictures in some crap outfits. The common thread in them is that I'm trying too hard to be creative or edgy instead of just being me. Working on that one! ~Serene

Colleen said...

I always post a picture from a day but I try to pick the best from the day. Now I keep reading tips from fashion bloggers saying don't post all outfits. They have more readers than me but I don't care. I do it anyway. Especially if it is part of a challenge, post it. It's a challenge so everything isn't awesome.

Anonymous said...

BEFORE reading your complaint about outfit and yourself I thought - well isn't this nice. The other photos are so perfect that I would never look like I'd dare to leave the house for meeting for a coffee with me.

But I have blue jeans and a white blouse - I could manage to look like this.

And your hair is so special that it makes every outfit lovely!

Oh and since we are complaining: it is entirely YOUR fault that I needed to buy yellow shoes. Will be presented latest in Summer Fashion ;-)

Olivia said...

I think a few so-so outfits let us see that you're a real person! I happen to like this outfit!

Rachael said...

What a sweet necklace. I love that it's from your husband too.