09 December 2010

To Be an Overachiever

A few days after I picked my items for 30 for 30
(yes, I'm still talking about the 30 for 30 challenge)
I got a seasonal job that has a dress code.

Now, I could have just gone ahead and worn whatever white shirt and black pants/dark jeans I wanted to.
(I put in a fail safe for work clothes... check the video)

Instead I decided to style the white shirt and dark skirt I had several different ways and stick to the 30 for 30 challenge. 
Can you say, "Overachiever???"


I included one of my work outfits here as #14.
But, these are three of my favorite unpublished looks.

Are you being nice to the retail workers while you shop this year???

I promise, promise, promise to take some pictures of clothes NOT in the challenge really soon.


Kinsey said...

I'm throwing my 30 for 30 items in the back of my closet, you won't be seeing them. You have some guts!

Anna Jane said...

i love these remixes. i don't do it myself because i travel so much for work and can't get pics of myself on the road, but am so inspired watching you all do it!


Rachael said...

I love the socks under boots (last picture) a LOT.

Marie said...

These are cute!:D I am loving #s 2 and 3.:D

I am always nice to retail workers, even when they are mean! ;D

***** Marie *****

Anonymous said...


Olivia said...

Cute outfits, and really cute frames on the wall behind you! Love that!

abigail said...

just posted my outfit

Charlotte said...

number 3 is my fav!

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Cute pics!! Love the skirt!


Katie W said...

I'm kind of in love with your commitment and that skirt!

Abi said...

Hehe. I used to work retail, so I try to be as pleasant as can be to retail workers.

I love you third look. The leggings/socks/boots combo is too cute!

Lydia Marie said...

All three of these outfits are so cute! When I worked retail I always dressed so boring (I had to wear black and white too). And I love the guest appearance of your 'zombie dog'! You are too funny.

silvergirl said...

Honesty I am not sure how I found your blog. You know how it is, just 5 clicks and you have no idea where you are.
Really enjoyed checking out your blog.
Come over and visit me sometime.


Anonymous said...

I like all of those work outfits! And I am totally nice to retail workers - even if the shop is out of my favorite tights in my size - waaaah.

Elaine said...

I like #3!


Lise Marie said...

I love the remixes. You look great and I think the "zombie dog" is so cute.


jadore said...

Really cute socks!

Ashley said...

hahaha...I love the "zombie dog" in the background. Great that you snuck that in there :)