20 December 2010

To Brave the Crowds

The hubby and I had to start finish up some Christmas shopping yesterday.
Which meant we were in the middle of retail MADNESS!!!!


Since there are only 2 or 3 Malls & Targets in the entire Chattanooga metropolitan area, being around any of them is pretty much mass hysteria from Thanksgiving through the New Year.
As a rule we avoid these areas like the plague.
But yesterday, our procrastination need for bargains forced us to brave the crowds.
And we lived to tell about it.

Orange Sweater: The Limited; Grey Skirt: Old Navy
Black Tights: Gap; Grey Boots: FREE!!!
Earrings: Quirky, pretty glass means they must be from my mother-in-law

So, the lovely fluorescent lighting of our local Target didn't show off my color combination as much as I might have liked.  This is the first time I've paired orange and grey and I'm kind of excited to have tried it.  I've seen it done so well in interior design lately that I decided to put an outfit together. 

What new (to you) color combo are you digging right now?


Charlotte said...

grey and yellow, as demonstrated beautifully by you, at an earlier point. :)

Olivia said...

Like I've said before I'm a little afraid of bright green, but I think I'm ready to experiment with it (a little!).

Ashley said...

oh, haha...I totally thought that top was red. Stupid target lights :/

silvergirl said...

Never thought about orange and gray but I love it
I have been throwing purple and red together lately. In a non Hannah Montana way of course!

Alyssa said...

Dear Molly,

I love that you are fearless and have photoshoots everywhere. Even in the middle of Target.

Love Alyssa

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

BF and I braved the mall this weekend - though there are bunches in ATL you'd think every single person went to the same one we did! And half of them were in the Apple store, argh!

Blogging has helped me branch out color-wise, wearing more color, trying new colors I normally avoided (like yellow and orange!) and pairing colors I normally would not have!

Lori said...

I feel panicked just seeing you at Target. I went last week and it looked like a disaster had happened. There was nothing in stock and piles of clothes were everywhere.
I'm also a big fan of orange and grey. I have a cowl I made at my etsy store that has that color combo.

Elle Sees said...

red, black, and grey! hence today's outfit!
pS--I have a GIVEAWAY

Jamie said...

Love this cute outfit -- I have been meaning to try orange and gray. I've recently been fond of pairing olive and royal purple. I really do think olive is the new neutral.

Anonymous said...

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