25 February 2011

To Proceed with The Plan

It is all working out according to my plan.... Muahh, ha, haaaaaaaaaaa


I've mentioned my less than inspiring black and white work dress code before, remember?


When I gathered all the items for my 30x30 items I had this outfit in mind as a "go to" work uniform during the whole challenge.

The Plan
Black Cardigan (Gap); Black Skinny Cords
White Button Up (F21); Skinny Belt (Charlotte Russe)
Chucks; Beaded Bracelet Worn as Necklace (Hand Me Down)
Pink Flower (it's olive)

So far it has worked perfectly every. single. time. I. have. worn. it.
Not only is it comfortable, it's the perfect blank canvas for lots of different accessories. 
And did I mention that it's comfortable? And it meets my dress code? And I can wear all kinds of different accessories with it?  Oh, I did? Huh...

Welp, people as far as words go ... that's all I've got for you today.  Sorry. 
Let's all celebrate the end of the week instead of focusing on my less than eloquent prose.

TGIF and all that!

In other exciting news, today, yours truly is the Freshly Picked Rosebud over at BonBon Rose Girls.
I'm trying not to get a big head about it... but let's be honest.  I'm failing.
Would you be willing to suffer through a few more pictures of me stop by and show some love?

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H Rija said...

Love the outfit and like the fact the you wore running shoe with it - which makes the look so comfy feeling and also I like the flower pin (it reminds me of a poppy)

Well, have an amazing Friday and a safe weekend!

My Lyfe ; My Story

Kristin said...

You are quite the inspiration lady! Maybe Meg and I will take on this challenge someday...Hmmmmmmm : )

Shybiker said...

You accessorize really well. And I like your style. The outfits on your blog are all very attractive.

E said...

I love that flower and your necklaces. The outfit does seem like the perfect canvas.

Ms. Givens said...

Your necklace looks like one my sister made for me.
You have a great smile!

Liz said...

Even without a dress code, I love black and white! You look awesome, I like you're hair back in the headband!


Rebecca H. said...

Your mix of dressy with casual is unstoppable.

Bella said...

I've said this before and I'll say it again--I love the black and white combo! It just looks so classy, simple and understated in a good way. I think you look absolutely adorable in your uniform! Super adorable!

anotherfishinthesea said...

ha you are so cute!! and i love todays accessories, you look so fun and happy!

Anika http://www.byanika.com said...

Hi Sweetheart, congrats on your feature! I found your lovely blog via it:) I am following you and look forward to reading you! Well done on doing this challenge :)


Fabulous Finds Studio/Boutique said...

I love the outfit, I wore something very similar Thursday evening (minus the cute Converse)! The challenge sounds awesome, glad you are able to stick with it.
Have a fabulous weekend!
P.S. I found you via the BonBon Rose Girls :)

Comewhinewithme said...

I can really understand that you like this outfit! It's so cute yet classy. Love converse worn with this "office" -look...You look wonderful!

Polly said...

I found you via the Bon Bon girls, love your outfit, and love your blog.

Lydia Marie said...

I love the flower pin! And that you can accessorize it a ton of different ways! I used to have a job that I had to wear black and white at, and I was not nearly as creative as you are.

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