28 February 2011

To Be Twinsies

I had to drop the dog off at the groomer at 8am.
Look, I'm just going to be honest here.  I'm NOT a morning person.
My hubby has even been known to call me "grumplestiltskin" when the alarm goes off.


I wasn't psyched to be out in public that early.  And I'll admit that I dropped him off wearing my pjs.
(pjs don't count in the 30x30! Look it up
The groomers gave me a little bit of trouble, but I promised to shower before picking him up.


Imagine my surprise when I picked him up wearing my blue checked shirt and the groomer had coincidentally put him in this blue checked scarf. I squealed.


Blue Plaid Button Up (thrifted); Wool Shorts (F21)
Black Vest (Express); Nautical Scarf (thrifted)
Blue Tights; Black Strappy Heels (Me TOO)

I promise that I have never intentionally dressed to match my puppy.  But, when it happens by pure coincidence, I'm running with it.
I'm also apparently squealing. Loudly. In a public place.

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chantilly said...

haha grumplestiltskin. love that scarf! xo

Anonymous said...

awww!! So cute! I love the little turtle earrings.

Jessi said...

I love those shorts!

E said...

I'm not much of a morning person either. I like time to wake up, the later the better.

I love the color of your tights!

Kristin said...

Tights and shorts...one of my fave combos!

Meri said...

Super cute look- I actually thought this was a skirt at first!

silvergirl said...

Cute look for you and the pup!
Yea, you are way too young and too cute to start dressing like your dog. LOL

Kathrine said...

You BOTH look so cute! I love blue on you. ;)

Liz said...

I totally love that sweats and PJs don't count for the 30x30, otherwise I would be screwed!!!
You look adorable, I love the scarf as a tie!


H Rija said...

You look like a little excited school girl - love the outfit and really admire the way you wore the scarf!


rlutz said...

Love how you winterized those shorts...great scarf...you know you love to match your puppy...he is adorable!

Lindsay Jean said...

Ok that is hilaaaaaarious. I would have squealed too. And then walked my dog all around town shouting "Look at us! We didn't even do this on purpose!" And then people would have looked at me funny.

Also, you look awesome. Those shorts rock.

Lori said...

That is too stinkin' cute :)
I really like those shorts. I have a pair, but they are super high waisted, but also a little big, so they fit weird if I tuck anything in to them.

a woman's right to shoes said...

The dog is so cute! And so is the outfit =)


Linda said...

If you were at the groomers, you should have just hopped in one of the dog baths and taken care of it right there. That's efficiency.

The Auspicious Life

Rachael said...

Omigosh, HOW do you dress in layers OVER button downs with TIES and look like the model of femininity and grace? I would look (a) like a bag and (b) like a man. Your hair is amazing, btw and I like your attitude in the first pic.

- Tessa said...

You both look adorable. I think this is my fav outfit.