18 February 2011

To Prove I'm No Chef

I've never claimed to be a chef.

Fire Alarm

But today at lunch I proved it by setting off the fire alarm


...while making a salad.


I was frying my own rice noodles to add a bit of crunch.

In my defense, there is a five second window between totally raw noodles and noodles that are toasted crispy and smoking like a hippy with a brand new nickel bag.

Polka Dot Dress (vintage); White Blouse (F21)
Black Vest (Express); Tie (the hubby's)
Black Tights (Express); Black Sandals (Me TOO via DSW)

Thankfully, the salad turned out delicious WITHOUT the char grilled rice noodles.
Even more thankfully, my friend made an amazing cream of artichoke soup, crusty bread and yummy mango spritzers to keep our tummies from grumbling.  She was even kind enough to try the noodles. 
{I didn't even see her gag once!}

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who considers the smoke detector to be a necessary kitchen gadget...


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H Rija said...

Smoke detectors are a necessary gadget for a kitchen!

An extremely cute outfit and love your idea of styling this outfit with a tie - it gives it a classy and elegant look!

Have a great weekend!


Kara said...

I love the polka dots!!

Pixie in Pumps said...

I set the smoke alarm off making a grilled cheese. And sauting onions, and one time just by turning my heat on for the winter. Funny enough the only time I have actually seen smoke in my apt the alarm did not go off... riddle me that one!

Kellie said...

I love how you remixed that dress!

Kathrine said...

Smoke detectors are a necessary gadget for a kitchen, yes they are. :)))

BUT, in our previous apartment we had one that would go on every time I was adding alcohol to a meal (let's say wine to a sauce or brandy to a dessert?) SO it got pretty annoying.
Now, in our new apartment, we don't have one! I can enjoy doing all the recipes that I couldn't before. :)

plantmyappletree said...

Hehe, we have a smoke detector in the living room and about once a month it will go off since we have been cooking a bit too intense ;-)

I love coming over here and seeing your cool outfits all the time. Sorry for not commenting more often, the past three months were crazy busy, but often I've enjoyed a coffee with your blog(s).

LD said...

I promise, I tried them because they really did look good! :) And they were!

Charlotte said...

"smoking like a hippy with a brand new nickel bag."

bah hahahaha!

Shana said...

Love the tie idea! I just might have to bust into my husbands closet :O)


Rachael said...

Ahahaha! You set off the SMOKE alarm making SALAD?! I love it. You're too funny! And I wish I could wear ties but it always looks awkward with my chest....

Rose said...

Hah! I'm laughing as I type this. Your literary comic typing is impeccable.

And this outfit is so great...the little geometric skirt, the menswearishness, the racy tie (why are ties on girls so darn provocative?), the chunky heels...the proportions and color story are spot on. Even the pattern in the skirt and the texture in the tie play nicely.

Oh, well. Too bad about the noodles!

Bella said...

This post made me smile! And yes, smoke detector are a necessary item in every house and kitchen! I'd have burned down the house three times over by now if it weren't for mine! :)

Olivia said...

Ha! My latest fiasco in the kitchen was leaving the eye under my empty tea pot on for a long time. The whole tea pot just fell apart when I discovered it and picked it up. Did you ever read the Anne of Green Gables books? What always frustrated me was that after she got older she stopped making good old Anne mistakes. I never have!

Lori said...

That is so funny. My husband is constantly having to take the batteries out of the fire detector whenever HE roasts anything in the oven.

Sarah Nicole said...

Love your skirt and the way it matches your chair!!

Lydia Marie said...

This cracked me up. One time I put a piece of french bread in the microwave to warm it up, and it set on fire! I guess it was too dry...

PS I love it when you wear ties!

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Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Chinese Rice Noodles are one of my all time favorite foods! I never made it myself though... this look is so fun! Greetings from a fellow remixer! :D
Have a fabulous week darling!


Stephanie said...

Hi there! Too funny about the smoke detector! I set our off all the time when I light candles, it's way to sensitive! :) I just wanted to tell you I have started selling Stella & Dot jewelry in Nashville and I am wanting to break into Chattanooga as well! I'd love to come down and host a trunk show for you and all your girlfriends, you'll earn FREE jewelry and be able to shop for even more at half off! Hosting is super easy you just put out coffee/muffins or wine/cheese depending on the time of day! I'd love to host a fun event for you and help you score some beautiful jewels! Let me know what you think I have a few open dates for March! xx, "Texas2Nashville"

rlutz said...

definitely necessary...I must set the smoke detector off once a week...scares the crap out if the kids!

readwatchrelax said...

haha too funny! The Hubs set it off twice last week! I just bought two ties and was wondering how to style them what a great idea with the sweater vest..i might just have to be a copycat :)