16 February 2011

To Watch the Sunset

I hate walking into our bathroom after the hubby has left for a long trip and the whole bathroom smells like his cologne. 
Not because it smells like him.
I hate it because I know that as soon as I take a shower, his scent will be gone.


Ewwww, and you know what else I hate?



And when people say, "supposebly."

Handmade Plaid Skirt
Draped Cardigan; Ivory Turtleneck

Is there anything working your last nerve today?

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lexi said...

I know what you mean, I hate when hubby is gone! If you need someone to watch cheesy movies with give me a call!

H Rija said...

Love your outfit <3

Teresa said...

I love this outfit as well!

Bella said...

I hate when people say "expresso" instead of "espresso." Argh! I'm loving this long sweater and short skirt look! And the plaid is cute!

My Heart Blogged said...

Two of my friends constantly talk on face book about how they hate bad grammar. Yet, they use it all the the time. Drives me bonkers.
My Heart Blogged

Jillian said...

when ppl talk on their cell phones loudly on the bus or train. its theeee worst. no one else wants to hear half a conversation. ah well. almost the weekend! xoxo jcd

Anonymous said...

Awww that's so sweet!! And I lol'd at your random hates. So funny :)

Anonymous said...

p.s you're outfit cute! I love your hair like that too!

Liz said...

You look adorable! I can't wait until we wear each others pics Next week!!



Law Mama said...

I hate it when people say kidney-garden instead of kindergarten.

And I think I've been married too long, but I like the first day that husband is away. The second and longer I miss him though.

I love the plaid mini!

Olivia said...

So cute as always! I LOVE those boots!

Charlotte said...

This outfit is a winner!

I hate (HATE!) when people make blanket statements about politics. Like, "If you voted for so-and-so, we can't be friends anymore." uggggh.

Joy said...

That is so sweet!!

Except the liver. Liver is not sweet. Liver is gross!

Cute outfit!!

Kellie said...

lol at "supposebly" so true. bleck.

Sorry you're missing your hubby! Your hair looks really cute like that though.

Carrie said...

Cute outfit today!

You could just not take a shower the whole time your hubby is away - that would make you extra anxious for his return! ;-)

Lydia Marie said...

Your hair is so cute in these pics! And I hate it when people say 'prolly' instead of 'probably'.

I"m also probably going to switch to that domain at some point. When I get around to it. We'll see how long I procrastinate that.

Shopping and Spreadsheets

Lindsay Jean said...

Haha! I laughed out loud when you said "liver." My boss calls Liam Neeson "Liam Nielsen." It's gone on far too long for me to correct her. So now I just chuckle to myself.

Rachael said...

I might have to kick anyone who said 'supposebly'. Srsly. ;)
How do you pull off so many different looks?! You look drastically different from day to day but always so well put together!

Linda said...

I'm loving this outfit. The belt and the boots/tights combo is perfect with this skirt.
And what a great way to capture the sentiment of missing your husband.

The Auspicious Life

Mandy said...

Cute outfit, as always. I must ask where did you find the belt? I'm keeping my eye out at every thrifting adventure, just in case I find the perfect one.

~Mandy @ TheBejeweledBabe.blogspot.com