15 February 2011

To Adjust

This wasn't my first choice of photo backgrounds.


I wanted to shoot in front of this cool, old abandoned building and staircase.


But, the camera timer and the breeze were not playing together nicely.
That's when I had to step in and mediate a compromise.


Sooooo, we're all going to have to settle for the icky grass, power lines and street view.

In other news, I'm not sure this outfit qualifies for the color brigade.
Aren't the rules that the outfit has to include three colors?
I'm counting the leopard print as a color.
Update: I just checked Kileen's rules... turns out I'm in like Flynn.


If the leopard print didn't work, I was willing to submit my butt-white legs as an additional color.

Leopard Tank (Express); Lilac Cardigan (2nd hand)
Green Skirt (J. Crew thrifted)
Fishnets; Black Strappy Heels (Me Too ~ DSW)
Silver Hoops; Silver Cuff

Hope you're having a bright and colorful (and not at all butt-white) day!


AppGal said...

Butt-white! bahahaha....love it...

I Don't Wear Jeans said...

Just discovered your blog. Good stuff!


Lori said...

I love the color of your skirt. I just recently took stock of my closet and realized that I have only one green item. I guess I'll set it aside for St. Patty's day :)
Check out my cowl scarf give-away!!

Law Mama said...

So cute! I love the mix of colors here -- and leopard is definitely a color!

Kathrine said...

GREAT remix! I love the boldness of your outfit!

rlutz said...

Such a great outfit...love the leopard and fishnet mix with the purple and green!! All the colors make me feel like spring might just be right around the corner!

KillerB said...

But OF COURSE leopard print counts as a color!

lifeinlimits said...

Everyday's butt-white day for me!!!! ;)

Love the purple and green combo!

Lindsay Jean said...

Love the animal print! I gotta get me some of that once this 30x30 is over. And I laughed out loud at the "butt-white" comment. I'm feelin' it too! Cannot WAIT for spring to get here!

living with lindsay

Bella said...

I love the purple of your cardi, especially how you've paired it with this shade of green! Butt-white? Molly, you need some sun, woman! :) Here's hoping spring bring us some nice sunshine!

dotty said...

the purple and green and so good together!

Pixie in Pumps said...

ah, wind and camera issues have thwarted many a photo shoot for me. I love your daring color combining here!

H Rija said...

I love your combination and your colour choose are amazing and you look lovely as usual!

Also, I want to thank you for leaving some sweet comment on my blog post! Thank you! It's so sweet and it made my day!


kileen said...

haha, this outfit totally counts!! no need for the white butt (although that totally had me laughing out loud!). i love the animal print under the green cardi and those fishnet tights are love!

cute and little

My Heart Blogged said...

I love how bold your mix is. The green, leopard, and purple look awesome. I have very pale legs, so I feel your pain.
My Heart Blogged

Lydia Marie said...

I'm seriously cracking up over 'butt-white'.

Also, that green skirt is awesome, made even better with the purple and leopard.

Shopping and Spreadsheets

Krystal said...

so i wouldn't have paired these together but it's working for you!! i need to buy some colors, haha :)

Pearl Girls said...

Haha! I was wondering if white legs count as color. I wanted to post a picture that is mostly 2 colors and some leg but I don't think that counts as 3 colors.


Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

One you are funny.
Two you are adorable.
Three...wow you are brave and totally rock the mix of colors going on with your outfit!

KillerB said...

Um, leopard print is most DEFINITELY a color!

I love your green skirt!

PS-- tried to comment on this post yesterday, but it wouldn't let me. Weeeeiiiirrdd :(

Rachael said...

This is MY FAVORITE OUTFIT you've ever worn. And you've had some real winners in that mix. Like, all of them. You look FANTASTIC. When I steal this look, I"ll give you credit.