16 November 2010

To Wish My Pockets Weren't Showing

So, I like this outfit. But I'm not in love with these pictures.

My eyes are squinty and my pockets are showing.

But I really like this outfit.  And I like that there are hidden cows in the background.
Sorry they're hiding.  I swear they are right behind that fence.

Jumper: Vintage; Turtleneck: Thrifted
Cardi: UO; Boots: Victoria's Secret
Earrings: Cheapo ~ Probably ABC Trading Co.

Cows might have saved these pictures.  Dagnabit.


In Kinsey's Closet said...

I think these pictures are great! Cows or no cows, the outfit looks beautiful. Love the fall colors

Kellie said...

I love love love your boots! And the combo of the skirt and the yellow cardi is awesome :)

E said...

I like this outfit a lot! The colors are great and not ones I would've thought to put together. You're obviously smarter than me. :)

Della said...

Hehe, hidden cows. Sounds like a Nancy Drew book title. And your outfit totally reminds me of Nancy Drew! (Which isn't bad, she was my childhood idol.)

Peggy said...

love this outfit - I'm going to copy it with my new Target skirt that is similar!! Thanks!

KillerB said...

Cutie boots!

Olivia said...

Very cute. I'm impressed with how versatile your clothing is!

Lori said...

I love the color of the cardigan. Very cute outfit.

ClosetConfections said...

I spent a few seconds looking for those cow before realizing they weren't in the shot, lol!

Anyway, love the cardigan and that awesome plaid skirt!


Simply Bubblelicious said...

Love the pop of yellow cardigan!


Charlotte said...

I really like this outfit too!

Linda W said...

Lady, I squint in every picture. But, I don't notice any squinting in these.
All I see is a wonderful yellow cardigan and great skirt, and awesome boots. Love the look!

The Auspicious Life

Lydia Marie said...

I love how your boots and belt match! Very cute outfit, even with no cows.