24 November 2010

To Look at the Calendar

I started working a "part-time" retail job last week.  Suddenly, my calendar is out of control.

While it is "part-time," I'm working a few hours almost every day.  I'm feeling pretty loopy and stressed. 
How on Earth did I get everything done when I worked FULL time?

See that vacant look in my eyes?  That's a perfect illustration of what my brain feels like after a few hours of retail work. Let's say, I'm a bit frazzled.  Bless those of you who battle retail crowds full time, year round.  You are strong, patient, possibly a little bit insane and incredibly brave.

Skinny Jeans (roll inspired by Sydney): Old Navy; Striped Tunic: Thrifted
Necklace: Vintage from a local Antique Shop
Belt: yep, still don't remember
Boots: DSW
Earrings: Giveaway Prize (See, I told you I wear them CONSTANTLY)

Don't get me wrong, I'm so thankful for the opportunity to earn a little bit of extra money during the Holiday Season.  And if this job doesn't kill me, I can't wait to spend it.

And with that, I bid you ado until Monday! 
I'm looking forward to some time with our family and friends and one big old bird. 
Happy Thanksgiving!!


Amber said...

Love this outfit honey, so cute! Happy Thanksgiving and don't work too hard. ax

Kellie said...

Love this outfit! Good luck on Friday (assuming you're working)!

Olivia said...

Cute outfit and Happy Thanksgiving!

Peggy said...

oh fun! I'm dying for a part-time Anthropologie job!

Kinsey said...

You are BRAVE! Retail during the holidays??? Good luck! You look beautiful!

Jodi said...

Cute outfit.. I just got an idea for a top that I have and rarely wear.. after the 30 for 30 of course!! oh boy 13 days to go!!

you have some great photos on here as well!! Keep up the great work and nice to meet you!!!

Ashley said...

Oh yes, I've worked in retail before, and I feel your pain!!!

Customer service is NOT the job for me...haha...I give too much attitude back :)

Snappy-Q said...

Cute outfit, and good luck with the retail job. I sure don't miss that type of work.
I also tagged you in a post. You now have 7 secrets to share when you get back from Thanksgiving with the family! Enjoy!

Lydia Marie said...

I love those jeans rolled up! And I definitely feel your pain working retail this time of year. I did it for the last 3 years, and it takes a toll on you, even though the shifts usually aren't that long.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

I'm sure you'll be fine! They say if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it! And I envy that you're going to have spending money!

Linda W said...

I hope you are surviving the retail weekend. You must be a strong woman!

The Auspicious Life

Fahion Meow said...

I really like the outfit!! especially the belted shirt :)

Fahion Meow said...

I really like the outfit!! especially the belted shirt :)

Rachael said...

This is my favorite. You are adorable.