13 November 2010

To Walk in the Woods

Lexi and I snapped these pictures as we were taking a leisurely walk through the woods.

It's a good thing she brought her camera.  Otherwise she would have missed this totally impromptu contemplative moment that I had.

Yep, none of these pictures were posed AT ALL.  They're all just as natural and spontaneous as can be.

Plaid Top: Target; Denim Wrap Skirt: Thrifted
Grey Tights: Target; Black boots: Rocket Dog via Amazon
Silver Multi-strand Necklace: Vintage/Inherited; Pearl Ring: Gift from My Poppy
Earrings: Gifted from my sister
Grey Belt: Came with a pair of pants I think...

It was just your run of the mill, spur of the moment afternoon spent in the woods.
It was totally natural.

In other news, we're headed out of town for a long weekend in D.C.
I know the hubby is super excited about documenting my outfits as we sight-see and spend time with his family.
In the mean time, I've got tons of outfit posts banked so the 30 for 30 will continue while I'm away. I can't wait to catch up with everybody when I get back next week!
Enjoy your weekend.

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Kinsey said...

I like the location for your site. So "natural" haha. Loving the train tracks as well.

Kellie said...

Perfect outfit for your natural location :P

Jean said...

so adorable! i love that belt!!



Jean said...

so adorable! i love that belt!!



Olivia said...

Cool backgrounds! You're great at those unposed poses!

angie said...

You have a nice happy blog! I like your outfits and the way you smile wearing each one of them!!!You have a style of your own not borrowed!Please check mine and tell me what you think,honestly!

Lydia Marie said...

I love that last picture by the train tracks! And I hope you're having an awesome weekend!!

fashionoverfifty said...

Your pictures a so crisp and clear~love the skirt. I am hesitant about wearing the motorcycle boots myself, but they look great on you!

Tiffany said...

I am from the washington d.c. area and there is a TON of great places for your outfits AND the tourist stuff is pretty cool too!!! :-D Have a good time!!