24 January 2011

To See the World in Black and White

I've mentioned the dress code at my retail job before.  But, in case you missed it, we're required to wear black and white.  You know what those kinds of restrictions can do to one's creativity?
I've been seeing the world like this a couple of days per week.

Soooooo, since I couldn't play with color yesterday, I messed around with texture.


This white eyelet shirt is not one I would typically wear in the dead of winter... but I was desperate for a bit of visual interest. Still not satisfied, I added the cute new bracelet my super stylish godmother gifted me for Christmas.


Then I pulled out the big guns and topped the whole thing off with this cable knit newsboy.

Black and White
Black Sweater; White Eyelet Top: NY& Co a million Years ago (not so similar)
Black Polka Dot Skirt: Homemade; Wine Sweater Tights

All in all I wasn't totally disappointed with how it turned out. But I owe my life to those wine tights.

Be prepared, tomorrow I'm bringing some color.


Carrie said...

So...do you work at Victoria's Secret? Or some local store? You've done a great job making black and white look interesting! I'll be sporting a white coat most days, so it really won't matter too much what I wear. ;-)

Angela Noelle said...

Beautiful outfit! I just love eyelet, and don't have a single piece of it in my closet. I need to remedy that!

Stacey Kay said...

I absolutely hate dress codes. I feel for ya girl!

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

Hello Again Vintage said...

Booo for dress codes! But at least you know how to make your outfits look fun! I love how you spiced it up with your purple stockings and awesome bracelet! :D

Sweet Pea said...

I like the hat. Cute :)

Katri said...

that would be hard to dress in just black and white! good job on the texture though :)

Joy said...

I think you totally made it work!

Lindsay Jean said...

I can't imagine having to dress in black and white every day! What a bummer - you definitely found a way to make it work though. You look awesome!


silvergirl said...

Love the mix of texture here
it must be very frustrating sticking to black and white when you absolutely have to
nothing worse than being told what not to wear LOL

yours truly dear said...

i couldnt live without color! you do a cute job doing without it though!

H Rija said...

Your mixture of texture looks great!!


Bella said...

You nailed it with the textures! And I agree, those tights are life savers! God I love tights!

Fashion Therapist said...

Cute hat!!!

Shana said...

I'm loving the wine tights! I don't have to wear black and white but suits and professional clothes are what I have to were and I've pushed envelope a couple of times. Looking forward to some pop of color! Would love your opinion on my header I'm hosting a small giveaway my first in order to pick one!


Trés Awesome said...


Marie said...

I think you did great with this outfit, loving the bracelet and hat!:D

***** Marie *****