11 March 2011

To Cheer on the "Home" Team

Last weekend the Men's SoCon Tournament games were in Chattanooga.

"Home" Team

I picked out this outfit unaware that Blue and Gold are the colors of the UTC (University of TN - Chattanooga) Mocs.  What luck!

Unfortunately the Mocs were not as lucky as I was.  They pretty much sucked.


But, I looked cute.  And isn't that what's most important?

This picture sums up much of the game.  
Please take note of: Cheerleaders that waved a whole lot more than they cheered. The weird way the coaches carried stools out to the middle of the floor for the players to sit on during time outs. A sweat mop which I can only assume was pushing sweat around by about 10 minutes into the game since the absorbent part was never replaced or wrung out.

These things were much more entertaining than the actual game.  Did I mention that the Mocs sucked it up?


Thankfully we had wonderful friends with us! Thanks for making the night enjoyable, Miss Amy.

Otherwise, I might have been this lady...
(Yes, she is reading a book at a Basketball game.)

Blue Plaid Button Up (Thrifted); Gold Sweater (2nd Hand ~ Banana Republic)
Boyfriend Jeans (Gap); Brown Boots (Victoria's Secret)
Gold Belt (Thrifted); Blue Necklace (Gifted)

Sorry for the indoor photos... it was raining cats and dogs (as it has been all week).
At least you get a glimpse of Spike the cutest dog in the world. 


Angela Noelle said...

Oh gosh, I hate basketball, haha! I would totally be that lady with the book ;) But yes, you absolutely did look adorable, and that counts for a lot!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

i love the bangs!! v cute. xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this outfit! How do you pull off those little, teensy, tiny belts????

E said...

I love this outfit so much! Cheerleaders are weird and unnecessary. When do people ever cheer with them anyways?

Kinsey said...

You look adorable (almost as adorable as that puppy)! I love dressing in team colors to show my team spirit without wearing a tee and jeans!

Krystal said...

cuuuute outfit!!! i need it to rain here, i miss the rain!

Charlotte said...

Oh yeah, I'd be the lady with the book too. In 4th grade I snuck a book into our field trip to the circus... I think the circus is creepy. My book was much preferred.

Rachael said...

Ahahhaa! Grossss... a SWEAT mop? I love your blog, you're so funny. It's not only lucky you dressed in your team's colors, it's SUPER luck you didn't dress in the OTHER team's colors!