18 March 2011

To Model The Giveaway Goods

After the bloggy blah that settled in during the late stages of this last 30x30, I've decided to take a bit of an outfit-post hiatus.


But, I thought I'd leave you with one last post (you're welcome) mainly because I've got something to give away!

Yellow Striped T (Old Navy); Lilac Cardi (Old Navy)
Denim Mini (Express); White Knee Socks (Target)
Boots (Victoria's Secret); Scarf (Courtesy of The Vintage Scarf)
Rhinestone Flower Earrings (gifted)

When The Vintage Scarf offered to provide one of their scarves for me test drive and then give to you, I was very flattered and very grateful.
I was a bit worried though when I wasn't given the chance to choose the scarf for myself.  EEEKKK!!!
What if they sent me something that I couldn't style?


As you can imagine, I was thrilled when this adorable, polka dotted little number arrived in my mailbox.  Its yellow, purple and navy dots were exactly what I needed to accessorize my new yellow striped Tshirt. Perfect.

Want to make it yours?


To Qualify:
You must be a follower of Leaving The House in THIS?!?
You must visit The Vintage Scarf and report back with your favorite scarf


I'm going to be honest with you.  I would love to keep this pretty pretty for myself.
But, I promise to give it to one of you lucky readers next Friday, March 25th. 

On an unrelated note: 
What do you think, how old is too old for a mini skirt??


Judy C said...

Too old for a mini skirt? I'm not sure there is an age for that. I am sure there is a weight limit.

Olivia said...

I really love the colors in the Vintage Blue And Green Floral And Print Long Neck Scarf. That is a very cute polk a dot scarf! And Molly, you are definitely NOT too old for a mini skirt! Thanks for all those comments over at Of Such is the Kingdom. I feel very loved!

daisy351 said...

oooh, awesome giveaway! My fav is the Vintage Orange Purple And Blue Floral Print Square Scarf...so pretty! Thanks!
adaisy351 at gmail dot com

Beth's Blog said...

I love this giveaway! I like the Vintage Glentex Yellow And Pink Floral Sheer Square Scarf.

I'm a follower :)

and the question about the mini skirt, I think it depends on the person and the style more then the age.

The Vintage Scarf said...

The scarf looks amazing!


The Vintage Scarf
Paula M Horlick
Vintage Scarves and Fashion Accessories
Bella Vista, Arkansas 72714
Direct - 479-876-6429
Toll Free - 888-364-9749
Facebook http://on.fb.me/hGzgrG

Rachel said...

http://thevintagescarf.highwire.com/product/vintage-albert-nipon-celestial-the-sonne-print-long-neck-scarf <---my favorite scarf!

And I love the one you're giving away, too!

As long as you look good and feel comfortable with it anyone can rock a mini-skirt no matter the age!

Teresa said...

I love the scarf! Please count me in.

On mini skirts, that is a tough call. I guess it depends on how mini you are talking...

KillerB said...

You know, it IS too bad that you can't keep that scarf because it looks really pretty with your hair color.

I love this scarf: http://thevintagescarf.highwire.com/product/vintage-pink-and-purple-multi-floral-square-scarf

As far as mini skirts go, I tend to feel that as long as one can wear something with confidence, they're never too old :)

E said...

I really like the Vintage Multi Colored Pattern And Print Square Scarf, but that polka-dotted number you styled is also adorable!

I've never been clear on the rules for mini skirts either. Especially since Bravo's Real Housewives came along.

Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

aw a hiatus right when i found your blog ? :)

<3 steffy

silvergirl said...

this is my favorite scarf
Vintage Bright Pink Orange And Grey Geometric Print Neck Scarf

I am a follower

If you have the gams, no age is too old! Look @ Tina Turner.

Simply R1y4* said...

very pretty !
your new follower =)

Charlotte said...

If you got the legs for it (and you DO!) there is no telling what is too "old" for a mini skirt!

Jen said...

I'm in my 30's and a still rock one!! Hey, if you can pull one off, DO IT!! ;-)

Happy Weekend Dear! xo

Linda said...

Ah, an outfit-post hiatus. I'm with you on that :)
Can I just say, I love that they sell those scarf slide/buckle things? I TOTALLY used something like that in neon green to side tie my shirts in middle school.
Can I also say, that I would like to have the one you are wearing. That print is their cutest.

The Auspicious Life

starla729 said...

super cute scarf for a giveaway! i just stumbled across your blog and have been enjoying it.

i love polka dots, but i also like the vintage blue and green floral scarf.

As for mini skirts, I say if you got the confidence, go for it!

starla729 at yahoo dot com

Josie said...

I love your little striped tee! So cute.
xo Josie

Teresa said...

I love shopping at Old Navy and your outfit is just so cute! Looks like you have some wonderful weather too! Lucky you! :)

   ♥ Teresa ♥
- Pretty Dandy -

Liz said...

hum.... I would say that 40 is too old for a miniskirt. Tons of mini skirt wearing time!
You look adorable!

Anonymous said...

When you look that good in a mini, age is irrelevant.

Elle Sees said...

I love the vintage blue floral on red!

Colleen said...

solid purple scarf (http://thevintagescarf.highwire.com/product/vintage-solid-purple-polyester-square-scarf)

So I often think about when is too old for a mini skirt. I thought 25 at one point but realized I misremembered and the sign on What Not to Wear was under 35. but who knows. also I think depending on your body type and height there are other "rules" but I have no idea what they are.