09 March 2011

To Focus on the Details

Sometimes an outfit is all about the small details.

In the Details

This is one of those times.


The super basic ivory turtleneck and flirty black skirt have been challenge staples.  And how many times have you seen me wearing these black strappy heels?  Since you've seen them all so often, I suggest you focus instead on the pretty little details.


 I love this incredibly inexpensive "faux" python belt.  And I know I'm always looking for an excuse to wear a feather in my hair.


Black Skirt (gifted); Ivory Turtleneck (Express)
Faux Python Skinny Belt (Charlotte Russe); Feather Hair Clip (Handmade by my girl, Lisa)
Herringbone Tights; Strappy Heels (Me TOO)

All that being said, I don't blame you if you're more interested in that picturesque sunset, though.  
I know I am!

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Kati said...

That belt is awesome! Sometimes my favorite outfits are the simple ones. You look great!

lisa c said...

thanks for the shout out!

Rachael said...

Love the deets. I have a similar hairpiece but it doesn't show up at all in my hair. Not til I dyed it red.