04 March 2011

To Notice The Blooms

That's a pretty sneaky one, Chattanooga.
Sneaky, sneaky...


Every Spring this city pulls a fast one on me.

In Bloom

While I'm lulled into the blahs of Winter, it pulls out its finery and blows my mind with beautiful blooming trees around every corner.  Generally it isn't this early in the year that the wooing starts.
But as you can see, the city is already in full-on pursuit of my heart.


These tulip poplars are my very, very favorite.  I realize that otherwise the setting of these pictures isn't the most lovely.  But this was the first tulip poplar I saw in bloom this year; so I pulled my car over immediately knowing that this was where photos had to be taken.

I got so caught up, I shot the pictures wearing my denim jacket.  The jacket isn't technically part of 30x30 challenge.  Yikes.  I had this problem during the last challenge too. (including the denim jacket when it wasn't part of the chosen items)  But, I'm going with it and considering the jacket to be "outer wear" necessary in the clearly frigid temps I was enduring.


Ivory Turtleneck (Express); Black Cords (Gap)
Riding Boots (Victoria's Secret); Denim Jacket (Gap)
Brown Belt (Express); Aviator Glasses (Target)

I had to throw a little salute in for good measure.  I mean, the aviator glasses + the flag pole?  This situation was begging for a bit of military/patriotic posing. Am I right?

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Anonymous said...

Spring!! I love the color. Those boots are fantastic and I love that your rocking the jean jacket. It looks good!

Kati said...

Your outfit is so cute! I love the black/brown combo. I have recently become of fan of it myself!


you look so beautiful!!!I have already finished this challenge yesterday!I am so happy!:)
kiss from prague

CC said...

I have been loving those trees too down here in north Florida. I always thought they were Japanese Magnolias, but I am no tree expert. Whatever they are, I love them too! Makes for a pretty picture for sure!

Judy C said...

Great outfit. I find that it is nice just to need sunglasses after the drab winter we had. Flowers are beginning to come out here in Knoxville too. I'm ready.

Anonymous said...

The cords are miraculous and look so great with the boots.

I love those trees too and planted one in our (rented house) garden some years ago. It is still TINY and has never bloomed and actually I am afraid I will never see it bloom as long as I live here.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Outerwear of some kind is definitely still needed in springtime. And I love love love those blossoms. We get them in Vancouver too, and they brighten up every year for me!

Kellie said...

Hey pretty lady! Wanted to let you know I haven't forgottten you... I've had a pretty crazy week with some unexpected things happening. Your necklace will be there soon!

Bella said...

Molly, I'm lovin' this outfit! You look so cute! And the beautiful tulip trees! Gorgeous! That last picture is priceless. Salute indeed!

Liz said...

I think counting the jean jacket as outerwear is just fine! Love this look!

Marie said...

I like the black chords with the brown boots.:D

***** Marie *****