17 January 2011

Odds 'n Ends

Last night's Golden Globe red carpet fashions were amazing weren't they?  I believe I'm not exaggerating (which I am prone to do) when I say that this was my favorite red carpet in years.  Dress after dress just blew my mind.

Please head over to A Foreign Land for the complete run down of my favorites of the night... so far.  {I fully intend to troll the web today continuing to ooohh, and ahhh over all the lovely gowns.}

But, I'll leave you here with the look that I would have love to have worn had I attended last night's festivities.

It took three looks at Leighton Meester's gown before I got it.  But, by that third look I fell in love.  And I'm telling you, now I cannot get enough of it.  I'm copying this directly from Just Jared so I make sure I describe it perfectly... The gown is a, "nude Crepon Print Ruched Crescent Dress from the Pre-Fall 2011 Burberry Prorsum collection."  Got that? Yah, me too.  Mainly because this is the kind of dress that makes me happy to be a girl, just thinking that maybe someday I can put on something this amazing.


In other news, this year I got a late Christmas present when I won a giveaway over at Elle Sees.
The lovely Miss Elle offered me a sponsor spot on her blog for an entire month!
(cool giveaway, right??)

Today, I'm super excited to be featured in a "Sponsor Spotlight".

While you're there, please check out Elle's lovely blog full of beauty tips, outfit inspirations and all things Elle.


Now you must tell me, which gown was your favorite last night?


Angela Noelle said...

I agree... Leighton so often veers into cracktastic territory, I thought this was a beautiful choice that perfectly complimented her super-girliness!

I think my favorite dress was Anne Hathaway's though. I'm a sucker for sequins and it fit her like a glove. Gorgeous!

Maddy said...

I know it wasn't a crowd favorite, but I loved the simplicity and beautiful color of Claire Danes dress! I'm also a sucker for sequins, so Angelina and Anne looked fab too!

Lori said...

I loved Claire Dane's dress and January Jones was striking in her red dress.

silvergirl said...

I am going full blown girlie with Olivia Wilde's dress!

Olivia said...

Can't wait to look at more dresses! Hope you had a good weekend!

sbot said...

That dress fit her like a glove. Love the shoulders.



Kristin said...

Congrats on the giveaway win! What a kick arse prize!

Rose said...

Its so secretly good, isn't it?!? I know exactly what you mean...the first time I saw it I was downright confused. I mean, ok, its a class act but...she's a twenty-something! Then I saw it in motion and it started to make sense. Then I realized it was something Joan Crawford would have worn as a young starlet, and it was a done deal.

Jessica Turnbow said...

I did the same with leighton meester, and i adore it as well!!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

That dress is stunning and it suits her so well

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Krystal said...

ooo that is such a pretty pick!! I love that it has long sleevesss :)