04 January 2011

To Put My Closet on Notice

Yesterday kind of felt like the first day of school. Vacation was over and it was back to ordinary. 
The return of "normality" got me thinking about the future and what's to come in 2011.

Let's just say, I was in the mood to whip my closet into shape.

I gave fair warning to each piece of clothing that I mean business!
No more lazy outfit pairings.  In 2011 we're mixing it up.
I made it clear that it's time to show me what they got or prepare for a trip to Goodwill.

Closet Shape Up

All that harsh talk, made me feel a little guilty though.
After all, my clothes have served me well and change is a process.

Shirt, belt & Jacket: Express
Jeans: Old Navy; Boots: Candies
Stick Pin: Vintage

So we had a lovey dovey moment and agreed to work together as a team.

Thanks to Lexi for braving my closet, standing on chairs and contorting herself on the ground to get "just the right angle."

Ummm, one final note:

{warning: there are risks one takes when inviting others into his or her closet...}

Is there anything in your closet you wouldn't want us to see?


Ashley J said...

Love this post...funny stuff!!!!

Alyssa said...

hahaha the crocs were the first thing i noticed hahahahahaha
oh molly.... deary me.

Lori said...

So funny. I had a pair of crocs and fake Uggs and the dog chewed them both up. I guess he has better fashion sense than me :)

Ashley Hasty said...

My name is Ashley and I'm the author behind the blog A Hasty Life. I just started a new fashion series widely known as the 30 for 30 challenge. I chose 30 articles of clothing to wear for 30 days. I would love for you to stop by my blog and check it out!!

Your fellow Rosebud,

<3 Ashley

Carrie said...

Molly, I must admit that I noticed the Mary Jane Crocs in the first picture - mostly because I have three pairs (brown, black, and navy). Let me tell you something, there is NO SHAME in them because they are the best thing since sliced bread when we were living in hot, dusty climates overseas! I could wear the darn things in the shower and have clean shoes every day! And believe me, many of the showers we used were the kind where you WANTED something on your feet! They're also great at the beach, so don't feel shame. When used in the right setting, they are the bomb! :-)

brittneynikkole said...

Um... would you mind giving my closet a talking to as well? It just doesn't listen to me anymore. I'm not sure what to do.

Also, while the crocs are a little scary (but no more so than what may be lurking in my shoe collection) that jacket fully makes up for them in awesome.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Don't tell, but I have a pair of Crocs too. I call them my home shoes and bought them in a blazing coral color if I needed ANOTHER reminder why I shouldn't forget to change shoes before I leave the house!

kristine said...

Good luck with mixing it up in 2011! And that last picture is so funny!

Kristine. Or Polly.

vintagewithatwist said...

hahah. the last photo with the Crocs cracked me up

Joy said...

Ok, this was hysterical. I think my closet may need a good talking to as well. I wouldn't want anyone to see the absolute mess that is my closet! I have to share with my husband and it's just in a sad state.

Kinsey said...

HAHAHA! This post is hilarious!! Crocs?? How could you?! I don't know if there is anything I would want to hide from the blogging world, but I'm sure something will come!

Peggy said...

that's hilarious! I spotted those crocs first thing!!

Lizzy said...

I don't think there is any shame in owning crocs... as long as you wear them to appropriate places... like to the pool. (okay I say that because I have crocs!)

As for your comment to me - go for the cords from Gap! They are on sale, and if you go in store today Gap is having 40% off one regularly priced item (45% if you use your gap card)... Okay I sound like a Gap ad... I just love their clothes!

Anonymous said...

With posts like this I always wish we could meet in real life - you are such a funny person and always make me smile.

The shirt is lovely. The crocks are horrible (pardon me), but this is my personal attitude towards ALL crocks.

But I see your hidden yellow shoes on the shelf again. Can't wait till the snow is away and my Ebay deal yellow shoes can finally see daylight over here!

Lydia Marie said...

You are hilarious, as always. I don't own crocs, but I always wear the boyfriends when I go to his house, because they're furry and soo comfortable.

Oh, and about my dream job, I got the offer for it in September, before Shopping and Spreadsheets even existed, and I won't start it until Fall 2011, but I'll be an auditor at a Big Four public accounting firm (which may not sound exciting to some people, but I'm stoked!)

E said...

What a team! Love that you took pictures in the closet. Bonus points for difficulty level.

silvergirl said...

Great post!
I have been dreading going into my closet.
I am pretty sure there is a pair of pink crocs with fuzzy lining in there somewhere.
Hopefully when I get son1 back off to school this weekend, I can concentrate on the closet.

Charlotte said...

You are so freaking hilarious. You and your faces!!

Brittany said...

Oh the inevitable closets, haha! You're so lovely, I just reorganized my closet by apparel item and then color scheme...a little ocd but its making me hang stuff up instead of throwing it on a chair!


fashionoverfifty said...

Love your funny faces! Hmmmm probably dirty underwear would be embarrassing....Paula

Olivia said...

You REALLY don't want to open my closet! I'm pretty thankful that our old house even HAD a closet (they were definitely a new invention when it was built) so I won't complain much, but there is no way for it to be anything but a disaster zone!

Bella said...

Funny post! I had to laugh because it wasn't too long ago I had the exact same pair of Crocs but in black. In their defense, they carried me through an entire hot and humid summer in Spain and when they got sweaty and nasty all I had to do was hose them down!

loveablequirks. said...

thanks so much for the comment on my blog molly! :) i decided to check back to your blog and hahaha that was a really funny post :) sometimes we just don't know what's lurking in the depths of our closet!(or living spaces, for that matter...)

kileen said...

wow, you're brave for showing us your closet! and yes to whipping it into shape in the new year! i did the same thing myself once the new year started.

and so funny to see you have pink crocs! i don't have those, but i have some just as bad items in my closet that i tossed out! :)


Anonymous said...

I have the Crocs evil winter cousin - Uggs.

Josie said...

Ohhhh, the Crocs. Love your little white blazer and I'm so jealous of your motivation to organize your closet!
xo Josie

Yvonne said...

Crocs strike again!! There is a pair in my closet - but they belong to my husband and have never come close to my feet. I think they are afraid of me!! I too have organized my closet by item and then by colors, as Brittany mentioned she did also. the embarassing thing in my closet? The family of dust bunies that scurry around at night wreaking havoc!!
What a fun post!

KillerB said...

Haha! You're so funny! I'm very impressed that you opened your closet to all of us in bloggerland.

I think I'd be most ashamed of some old bridesmaid dresses squished into the back that I 'might' repurpose some day...? (Yeah right!)

KillerB said...

Haha! You're so funny! I'm very impressed that you opened your closet to all of us in bloggerland.

I think I'd be most ashamed of some old bridesmaid dresses squished into the back that I 'might' repurpose some day...? (Yeah right!)

Feathers said...

This is one of the funniest posts I've seen in awhile. I'm not sure there's anything shameful in my closet...but before I start to sound too virtuous let me also say that I don't think I would invite anyone to look in the shoe bin under my bed. That'll just be our little secret, k?


Kara said...

So funny!! I thought the same when I saw your crocs in the first pic. Whipping your closet into shape is always a great idea (and fun for an organizational weirdo like me).