21 January 2011

To Wait for the Sun

Has anybody seen the freakin' sun?

Waiting for the Sun

It has been soooooo gray and gloomy around here!!


I don't mind the chill.  In fact I enjoy getting to wear winter clothes.


But the gray skies are getting kind of old.
This abundance of gloomy weather makes my smile all fake.
{see example above}

Black Boots (similar); Black Blouse (similar)
Tweed Jumper Gap circa 2007; Blue Tights
Scarf Vintage

Dear Mr. Sunshine,
Would you please come back?
And with a quickness?

Sick of Gloomy Gray

**UPDATE: Apparently I have a direct line of communication to Mr. Sunshine because he is out and about around here today!  (I wrote this post last night before going to bed) WOO HOO.  If you are needing specific weather conditions for an event in the future, please let me know and I'll put in an order.**

Any fun weekend plans?


Kathrine said...

I feel you! Over here, its snow snow snow cold cold cold clouds clouds clouds. BUT you can always bright up your day with nice colors, like the earings you're wearing. I love their color! Is it jade? Weekend plans include a lot of running in the woods, work on a design project for my uncle's restaurant, and cuddling with husband :) . Have a great weekend yourself! What are your fun plans?

Mandy said...

The sunshine is TRYING to peek out here, but it just isn't happening :( I love love love the outfit! But, I may be biased, leggings, boots, and dresses are my work go to. You look adorable!

Carrie said...

Well we got snow last night - after it was 50-degrees yesterday! Anyway, love the pops of color in your outfit and your hair looks GREAT!

Lori said...

That jumper looks so cozy.
Glad you were able to control the weather :)

Katie W... said...

Please request some sunshine for Virginia! I'm dying over here...

But I love the grays on you! Especially with the lovely scarf and earrings.

Kara said...

Eww, its been so gross here too.. maybe you can make it sunny again! I love this outfit.. your boots are awesome. I gave you an award on my blog today!

Erin said...

here is something to brighten your day, our tickets have been printed and are on the way to my house! NKOTBSB here we come

Kinsey said...

I'm loving the bright pops of turquoise here!

Lindsay Jean said...

Ooo! Ooo! I have a request! Send me some 70 degree weather up here in Minnesota! Please and thank you.

I love those colorful earrings on you! So pretty :)


Cee said...

Although the cold weather does get really tiresome, I agree, you're fabulously dressed for it- I love the pop of colour you've added with your earrings and scarf :)

this is me. said...

love the outfit and scarf! i totally know what you mean. i went home for xmas to be in L.A. and enjoy the warm weather and then went to costa rica to see more of the sun for new year's ... since coming back, i have yet to see the sun! ugh!

silvergirl said...

It was actually nice here today, but more bad weather heading our way

love your scarf with this outfit, very MOD!

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Ashley J said...

Send some pretty weather my way!!!!! How cute is that dress, looks great on you!

angelonwheels said...

You won't see this too often from me, but Hell Yes I totally agree! Okay I', better now! lol

Olivia said...

Mom has the kids--so it's a fun weekend for the hubby and me. We're doing wild and crazy things like getting the oil changed in the car. : )

Olivia said...

Oops. Wrong link above. Crazy iPhone!

Bella said...

Love the jumper! Love the earrings!

rlutz said...

Love the way you styled the scarf with that dress. Sunshine!!!

L said...

The sun finally came out today here, too. I can only assume you did a little sun dance for Portland as well, since we are always on the same wavelength. So thank you!
You look like a fab mod lady. Does that even make sense? I hope so.

The Auspicious Life

Linda W said...

Oops. That last one was me. I hit return too fast.

The Auspicious Life

Thomas said...

That mod scarf used to adorn my "hippy" hair along time ago. It looks great, Molly!!

Thomas said...

I forgot to sign the last comment. Tom has not warn the scarf. Sorry. Mom

Ima said...

Congratulations! Hahaha I'm happy for you. Yes the sun might make you sweat, but it surely is needed. :)

Kristin said...

We had some beautiful sunshine this weekend thankfully! Lovin' your hair!

yours truly dear said...

you look ADORABLE! love!!

Marie said...

I like the pops of blue!:D

***** Marie *****