14 January 2011

To Learn

Today I instituted CASUAL FRIDAY here at Leaving the House in THIS?!?
Really it was just an excuse to wear comfy jeans and my new Chucks which were a much squealed over Christmas gift from my handsome hubby.


On top of realizing that "Casual Friday" isn't nearly as thrilling when there isn't a formal dress code to rebel against, I also learned something while looking at these pictures.

When one has legs that aren't the longest on Earth


and perhaps the longest torso known to man


slouchy boyfriend jeans that sit low on the hips should NEVER be cuffed just above one's shoes.
Unless, Hobbit is the look one is going for.
Lesson Learned.
And I'm passing that lesson right along to you.  I beg you to learn from my mistakes!!

Purple Cardi: 2nd Hand; Scarf: St. Louis Art Museum
Chucks & Key Necklace: gifted from my handsome hubby

I should also mention it is still frickin' freezing around here!!
How about where you are?


Lexi said...

Awww...yeah for purple cardigan working for you! I love the chucks (I casual friday-ed mine today too). You're too cute and in no way resemble a hobbit!

E said...

Yay for chucks!!!

I have to be careful about proportions, too, because my torso is uber long compared to my legs. I don't think I could pull off that rolled pant leg look.

Carrie said...

So now I'm curious about two things:

1) How tall ARE you? (I'll go first, I'm 5' 2.5" - yes, you have to count the half-inch!)

2) Do you own any WARM clothes??? Because, honestly, while you look cute, I would be FREEZING MY TAIL OFF!!! Your winter layers seem to be what I wear in the SUMMER! But remember...I'm totally cold natured! ;-)

Love the shoes! :-)

Jessi said...

Very cute!! I like your key necklace. I asked for one for Christmas but didn't get it :( Oh well, maybe for my birthday??

Kellie said...

"longest torso known to man" made me crack up because I too have a really long torso. As in couldn't wear one piece bathing suits when I was younger long. Cute outfit, though! It's freezing here too.

Valerie said...

You're so funny! I love your new chucks, they look adorable on you. It's supposed to be 80 degrees here all weekend and I'm so excited about it! I'm going to pretend it's spring and ride my beach cruiser, go running outside and maybe even go to the beach. Have a great weekend!


Jean said...

Love this, so cute!! I'm a huge fan of Converse :)



Charlotte said...

um, glad you learned your cuffing lesson? I was a little amused... where's the flood? ;)

But new Chucks are certainly something to celebrate!

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

you have such a pretty smile!

Shana said...

Hi there! I just realized I wasn't a follower, I am now! Love your Converse, I wish I could rock those!


Brittany said...

I love casual looks, but you made the outfit really pop with that great scarf! And you can never go wrong with a good pair of Chucks :)

silvergirl said...

you were just trying to show off your new shoes right!!!
now go put on a coat!

Rachael said...

To answer your question: It was a bit chilly early on in the week but now it's gorgeous and warm. Sorry. I did my time in upstate NY last winter ;)
Secondly, when I'm read a magazine about body types and how to dress and all that, sometimes I can see what they mean. Sometimes. I feel like it's always a stretch and I may have not noticed that one particular style looked bad on one particular body type until they pointed it out. I'll never know. But on you, I saw NOTHING of what you're talking about. Your legs don't look extra (or at all) short, likewise, your torso looks perfectly proportioned. Hobbit like?! NO WAY. If anything, you are the model of a well-put together, beautiful girl.
AAAnnnnd lastly, if I saw you wearing this on the street, I would stop you and compliment you. The color and shapes all go together real well!

archives said...

aw, i love your shoes! i used to have a pair of cons, but i wore them out! high time to replace them. ;)

Bella said...

You are adorable no matter what you wear! Those Chuck Taylor's rock! I am such a fan and casual Friday or not, it's my shoe of choice.:)

Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

Oh, honey, you are speaking my language now. I, too, have a longer torso and shorter legs. Can't cuff anything. Can't rock that adorable cropped pant/flat shoe look that is so cute on everyone else. Haven't found pants that work in anything other than a bootcut. You are not alone!

rlutz said...

great casual look...love the chucks and the cardi with the striped shirt!

Lydia Marie said...

Well you are definitely the cutest hobbit I've ever seen. LOVE the key necklace and the chucks! I used to wear those every day a few years back, I had some yellow ones that were my favorite (and didn't really match anything).

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