13 January 2011

To Deal With A Crazy Driver

Well, as promised yesterday, I ventured out into the icy tundra that has become our little southern city.


And as suspected, it wasn't the road that caused me problems.  It was a driver.


One Driver in particular, as a matter of fact.

White Sweater: Thrifted; Jean Skirt: Express
Hat: American Eagle; Pashmina: Gifted
Blue Tights: Target; White Socks: Target
Rain Boots (because they are water proof & have traction so they work in snow as long as you have several layers of socks and tights on under them): Steve Madden

At least I can laugh at myself.

I navigated safely out of my neighborhood.  I made it over the river and through the woods to Lexi's house without a hitch.  And then I, duh duh duuuuuh, came upon Lexi's steeply inclined and downward sloped driveway.

I knew as I was pulling in that it was not a smart place to park.  But I ignored my instincts and parked there anyway.  At least I knew enough, I thought, to park on a spot without ice to avoid the car sliding when I wasn't in it.  I wanted to ensure my car was staying put, so I drove way down into her driveway.

Well, stay put it did.  It stayed put even after I tried to back it out so that I could go home. My problem was that on my initial attempt to get up the hill, I hesitated to avoid hitting a car driving up her street.  Doh.  Everyone who knows anything about driving on ice knows that slow and STEADY wins the race.  He who hesitates is lost.   {...trying to come up with another cliché to put in her but I'm stumped}

Thankfully, Lexi's wonderful husband was willing to remove a lion's share of the ice from their driveway and move one of their cars so that I could shimmy over to the side of the driveway covered in snow rather than ice.  Anyone who knows anything about driving on ice knows that driving on snow is WAAAAY easier.

With a little help from my friends I made it home safely and learned the lesson that I've been saying over and over again over the past few days.  It doesn't matter how much experience you have driving on ice and snow.  Nobody drives well on ice.  And if I ~er ~ they try to tell you they do, they are most definitely kidding themselves.


Lori said...

Kudos for even trying. I swear I've never really been around snow, so the thought of driving in it freaks me out. I think I would be a shut-in if I lived someplace with snow and ice :)
I love your denim skirt btw. I used to own a bunch but somehow got rid of all of them except for one that no longer fits
(i lost too much weight. I know, I shouldn't complain :)

Angela Noelle said...

That is the thing that drives me nuts! When people from up North start getting all condescending about people in the South that can't drive on ice. I mean 1) it ices MAYBE once a year, so how the heck could you be good at it?? and 2) NO ONE IS GOOD AT DRIVING ON ICE! Because it is ICE!!

Ahem. So, you look adorable, and I'm glad you have awesome friends that helped you get unstuck!

lifeinlimits said...

LOVE this look. So cute. And glad you're safe. =D

Olivia said...

Cute outfit! And yes, ALWAYS play along at Of Such is the Kingdom. Do you know how many sweet girls at Choices you've mothered? Don't ever say your not a Mommy again. Being a mommy is not just about having your own children, you know. I'm glad your ice story wasn't more crazy than getting stuck! There's a lot of that getting stuck stuff going on up here!

Kellie said...

Love your pashmina and the way you tied it. I'm envious of the amount of snow you have! Looks like the perfect amount (we're completely buried). It was a little scary driving around for me today, too. Glad you made it safely! :)

Lydia Marie said...

Wow, I'm glad you made it home safely! I'll be the first to confess I'm horrible at driving in snow and ice, so I stay home so I don't endanger anyone. Anyway, those rainboots are so cute!

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angelonwheels said...

Does that adorable outfit come in like a way larger size? If it does I'd so purchase it! lol

silvergirl said...

Glad you made it there and back safely
Seems our ice is lingering anywhere that is shady. We need a nice 50 degree day.
Love the color of that scarf!
The boots are pretty great too

Bella said...

I underwent the harrowing experience of driving in ice a year I lived in North Dakota, luckily not more than a couple of times, and I'm glad I'm still alive to tell the tale! Scary! Love the way you've knotted that scarf! Oo la la! :)

Snappy-Q said...

Hahaha, this post made me laugh out loud! You are adorable, and I love, love how you coordinate with the snow and ice. It's a perfect winter outfit.
I know all about getting stuck in icy parking spots/roads/driveways etc. and it is true, no one can drive well on ice. Snow is easy, ice is not.

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Cute outfit, sorry you got stuck on the ice. All ours melted a week or so ago, but I had fun a few times when it did snow.

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Josie said...

You look adorable, doll! Love your fun rainboots and that absolutely adorable little hat!
xo Josie

Rachael said...

Man, if I had hair like that, I'd wear this outfit every. single. day. It looks amazing!

Sarah Nicole said...

Glad you are okay! At least you were wearing a lovely outfit when it happened! :]