28 January 2011

Whatcha Whatcha Watcha Want?

Happy Friday!
Today I'm in the mood to celebrate and I'm looking to you for some assistance.

Lately I've noticed lots of little things that make me want to throw a little bloggy party.
1. Yesterday was the four month anniversary of Leaving the House in THIS?!?
That's like a 1/3 birthday, right? Cause to Celebrate.
2. I'm inching closer and closer toward my 100th post. Cause to Celebrate.
3. Leaving the House in THIS?!? just passed 100 followers. Cause to Celebrate.
4. This blog has opened my eyes (and my google & bloglovin' readers) to so many amazing new blogs!   So many of which I've fallen in love.  I'm talking head over heels.  Take this pretty girl for instance.  Or this fabulous fashionista.  And don't forget this lovely lady. Cause to Celebrate.
5. Comments like this one, "gosh, you look wonderful," just plain make my day. I mean how can you not love that?  Cause to Celebrate.


For those reasons and many, many more I've decided to host a giveaway!
And since it is YOU, the beautiful and faithful readers here, who have provided all those "causes to celebrate," I want your input.
I've come up with a couple ideas but I'd like YOU to make the final decision.

Option 1: CSN has generously offered to provide some shopping stimulus
Option 2: A 1 Year Subscription to InStyle (my go-to fashion bible)
Option 3: A pretty piece of jewelry from one of my favorite Etsy stores

I've put a little poll up on the sidebar and I'd love for you to chime in with your opinion.
I'll leave the poll open for a few days and then announce the giveaway in my 100th post.
Thanks a bajillion (in advance) for your input!!
Hope your weekend is full of celebration.

Thank you for all of your votes!
The decision has been made and will be announced in my 100th post.


Krystal said...

I voted dahling. And since I'm the only one you can see so far you'll know!!!!!!!!

Kristin said...

Cause to celebrate, indeed! Congrats on all the fab your way, your blog always makes me smile :-)

Mandy said...

Love the pictures!! You have some excellent reasons to celebrate!

DaisyJo said...

Well, YAY!

KillerB said...

Woohoo! Cause(s) to celebrate indeed! Congrats on all the positives this blog has inspired in your life the past 4 months. So awesome, Molly :)

Lexi said...

This post got that song from your class stuck in my head "I wanna celebrate and live my life saying hey-o gotta let go" (or something like that...at least that's what the words are in my mind). Congrats on your celebration and general fabulousness!

E said...

Yay for celebrating!!!

lifeinlimits said...

voted. :)
and a big hearty congrats!!!!!!

Olivia said...

Congratulations! It looks like my pic (the etsy treat) is the most popular so far. There's just something wonderful about the very term "etsy" now, isn't there?

Lindsay Jean said...

Congrats on all your blogging milestones! It looks like this blog has brought you some awesome changes in your life. I love reading along with you!


Charlotte said...

Wow, I didn't even know you were over 100 followers! You're so popular. It's like I know someone famous.

Bella said...

Lady, who can resist you when you're in a party mood> :) Lets celebrate cause your blog is so darn inspiring, fun, and lovely!

Elle Sees said...

#2!!! Since your month is coming to a close on my blog, what can I do to further help you promote your site? Let me know! I tweeted my weekly link of yours today!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

sounds like there's a party going on around here. :)