26 January 2011

To Stumble into an Ah-Ha Moment

This outfit was born way back in November when I saw Sydney of The Daybook fame post this little ditty.
I've tried it a couple times before and failed miserably.  I hated the look on me and hated the pictures even more.
But today, I was determined.  I intended to photograph and post the look.
Come hell or high water...


And then it started raining. Cats and dogs. COLD rain.
I got dressed and was feeling icky, so I changed jeans. Twice
I looked for every excuse not to go out and take photos.
Did I mention the COLD rain?


But I was determined.  I drove around for a few minutes to locate the perfect covered outdoor location. 
When I finally found it, I paid the meter and set up the tripod.
I readjusted the outfit, set the timer prepared to get this done and the camera flashed a horrid message.
This mean little message meant, I had to go back home to retrieve the memory card in order to take any photos.
Hmmmm, this seemed like an excuse to give up.  But, NO, I was determined.


I got back in the car and began to create a list of the positive things that I had going for me at the moment.
*I had no place to be this afternoon so I had time to go home
*I wasn't very far from home so it wouldn't take me that long to pick up the card
*The drive would give me a chance to finish the great podcast I was listening to
*etc. etc.
Is this reaction sounding a little too Pollyanna to you?

I guess I should explain that several years ago I started praying for patience.  The thing is you don't just wake up one day and poof you're patient. Patience (for someone with a short fuse like I have) is something that develops as a result of surviving trying circumstances.    

The trouble is, really trying circumstances are not something that a person lacking patience is equipped to handle very well. See the conundrum here?  I promise it's been a tough couple of years.

But today I discovered a silver lining.

Several years ago, circumstances (just annoying not super TRYING) like I faced today would have sent me into a rage.  I would have boiled over in frustration cursing, spitting throwing a temper tantrum that could make a 2 year old blush.  But today, I started making a list of positives in the situation instead.

Answered Prayer.
I've begun to develop and embody patience.  Sure it's still a miniature sized portion, but I've got some!
You guys, that is kind of a huge gift.

Ah-Ha Moment
Brown Woven Belt: Thrifted (similar)
Brown Crewneck Oversized Sweater: Hand Me Down (similar)
Light Blue Pashmina: Gifted (similar); Striped Top: Thrifted (similar)

As I drove home with a memory card full of pictures of an outfit I'm still not totally sold on, I added that gift to my list of positives.
Now it's your turn... any Ah-Ha moments so far this week?

Join in the fashionable fun over at Of Such is the Kingdom. Today is Fashion Wednesday #3!!


Anonymous said...

I think this outfit looks *super* comfy and warm while still looking chic. Good job! And yay for a little Pollyanna! =D

Mimi said...

Well, no particular ahaa moments yet this week, but I've learned to be a bit more patient since is started metal-work..(jewelry making)..It also helps me meditate and zone out. Your outfit looks perfect for a rainy cold day!

Aesthetic Lounge

Lori said...

Good for you on the patience cultivation. I'm also working on that and feel as though I'm getting better.
Yesterday as I was about to leave my house, I looked down and noticed a big mysterious stain on my shirt. Instead of getting myself into a hot sweaty frenzy like I normally do, I just went upstairs and changed the top. Even my husband was amazed by how well I took the whole thing. Looks like we are getting better all the time :)

Peggy said...

Great work on the patience! I love your comfy outfit - I love scarves!

Tiffany said...

I think you have such a cute shape but it gets a little lost in the volume of the fabric - mainly from the pants down. I like the way the top portion looks, great color texture combos. A slimmer fitting jean and heal might finish off the look.

Katie W... said...

Work has been really TRYING lately (ok, it's probably just not ideal and I'm exaggerating) but I've made a point to recognize my patience. For example, when something just ISN'T going my way (i.e. I keep dropping things), I start to laugh! Sometimes it's the crazy "get me outta here" laugh, and sometimes it's the "again, really?" kind, but either way I'm laughing!

Congratulations on all your hard work paying off!

E said...

Patience is pretty much the holy grail, at least for me. I'm still working on finding my "aha" moment. I don't think it's happening today.

Olivia said...

Great outfit! And great lesson! Yes, patience is a hard one for me. I never knew I had such a problem with it until I had kiddos. Then I knew really fast.

Bella said...

Lady, patience is something that hides from me, doesn't want to be spotted by me and still I hope I find it someday. I'm afraid I would've cursed and spit my way back to the house to get the memory card. Hey, at least I'm honest about it! :) That said, gosh you look wonderful! I love this comfy, ready to take on the world look which comes full circle with that gorgeous scarf which you've arranged magnificently!

i love mochi said...

cozy outfit, stay warm. i'm your newest follower =)


i love mochi said...
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Krystal said...

and I LOVE that outfit! You should be sold on it. Sell yourself on it now!

Charlotte said...

I don't know what you're talking about... I love this outfit! Especially the dark wash jeans.

I'm glad God is answering your prayers. I'm also glad you recognize that there are things you can do to move yourself along and grow in Him. Even though it's really, really hard.

Kristin said...

What a way turn a negative into a positive! And I love the scarf!

rlutz said...

All the hard work and patience was worth it...I think the outfit looks great...love the trouser jeans and the stripes peeking out of the sweater...
I have never been one with patience either, but having kids is have no choice...good for you for finding it!