03 January 2011

To Practice Contentment

Happy New Year, Everybody!
I'm finally getting around to saying goodbye to 2010 after a wonderful weekend of celebrating with friends and family.  The last twenty four hours have been chock full of contemplation.
Looking back, it's become clear to me that last year was all about understanding contentment.


Yes, it took me a whole year. (And the 30 odd before it too, but who's counting?)
Last year, I was blessed to learn that true contentment cannot be based on circumstances.


Circumstances are just too dynamic, too unpredictable and too fleeting to rely solely on them for happiness.


In 2010 I learned (and forgot and learned about 20 more times) that I can find contentment despite circumstances that I categorize as "less than ideal."
I realized and truly celebrated moments where I understood that I am blessed even when I don't get/have everything I want.
Then usually a few minutes later, I was back to complaining or wanting again...
but let's focus on the positive, shall we?


Yesterday I got to put that revelation into practice as we left our hometown to head back to Chattanooga.
Spending a little over 48 hours with some of my favorite people on Earth was a little bitter sweet knowing that I would have to leave again.
But, on the road back to Chattanooga while watching a beautiful sunset, God reminded me of the lesson of last year.  (I'm counting on that happening a lot today also.)

 And as I look ahead to 2011 I'm confident in the knowledge that no matter what it has to offer, my peace comes from my relationship with my heavenly father and his abundant love for me.
And you know, that's something with which I can be content.

What did you learn (and re-learn over and over) in 2010?


Rachael said...

You look darling, as always. Your colors go so well with the sunrise (or sunset? but it looks like sunrise to me).
Contentment is absolutely what I learned the most about this year and also learned I have the most to learn still.... if that made sense.

Kinsey said...

What gorgeous pictures! Capturing the sun at that angle is so beautiful! I think you're so right about not finding contentment in circumstances but in yourself. It's a hard ting to understand!

Ashley J said...

Wait, do you live in TN...I live in Knoxville!!!!! How did I just realize this????

Lydia Marie said...

These pictures are soo pretty! You look gorgeous!

I completely agree with how contentment cannot be based on circumstances, although it is easier said than done sometimes.

LyddieGal said...

I would say that is a pretty amazing thing to have learned - and I hope you never forget it again!
all the best for 2011!

Chic on the Cheap

ps, love the sun!

E said...

What a great lesson, one that I am reminded of all the time. Love the color of the dress, by the way!

angelonwheels said...

Adorable photo! Can I confess that I am getting closer to this lesson, but it is a moment by moment!

Josie said...

I love those boots and that pretty, floaty dress, my dear! You look lovely.
xo Josie

Charlotte said...

Gorgeous sunlight filtering in... that red dress is darling as well. Such sweet photos.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful post! happy 2011! and thanks for reminders of what is most important :)

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Love this post! It's something I have to keep reteaching myself too! To be thankful, no matter what. There is ALWAYS so much to be thankful for!


mellisaphie said...

pretty dress! I also find myself sometimes being thankful for not having everything I want. great post! :)
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I live in a country where it's like summer all year, that I can wear shorts without tights underneath. but I do wish I could live in other country where they have fall and winter so I could layer my clothes without sweating. haha :D


A La Mode et Plus! said...

I love your dress and boots and the lighting in these photos looks amazing!!

I know what you mean about learning contentment. That was my biggest take away from 2010 as well- acceptance of where my life is at this moment.

New to your blog and really enjoying it :)

Amy Z. said...

Love your outfit! And great lesson too, definitely something I am reminding myself of everyday!


Anonymous said...

This post and photos made me say "aaaaaawwwwwhhhh". The dress is amazing and the post is beautiful and wise all the same.

You made my evening today :-)

Olivia said...

Do you see how many comments you have? You could SO do a Winter Fashion Week!