25 January 2011

To See the World in Technicolor

After all my whining yesterday how's this for a colorful combination?


My technicolor outfit was inspired by the gorgeous weather!

Well, "gorgeous" is probably an exaggeration.
But 43 degrees and sunny felt like the middle of summer after the chilly weather we've had lately.

I was so excited, I brought out my NEW SHOES!


Blue Plaid Shirt: thrifted (similar)
Green Skirt: J. Crew thrifted with the tags STILL ON
Yellow Sweater: BDG (super similar); Grey Tights

Alright, so is anyone else watching the Bachelor this season?
Because seriously... does this show just keep getting better and better or is it just me? Where do they find the whack-a-doos women to compete on this show?  {I'm definitely excluding Emily. Emily I love. I want to carve Emily + Brad on the tree in our backyard and put a big heart around it.} This show is so incredibly bad it's good.  Please, judge me if you must. But, I am giant sized fan of The Bachelor.

C'mon. Group confession is good for the soul...
Will you accept this rose and admit you watch The Bachelor?


Carrie said...

I DON'T watch The Bachelor (though I did get in a couple of episodes in the first season or two), but I DO love that skirt!! Coveting, thank you very much. ;-) You look adorable - love the color combo!

marissa said...

this is my favorite outfit of yours! love!

Ashley J said...

I am liking the new shoes, I have been looking for a pair of booties in that color.
I was obsessed with The Bachelor last season but have not watched a single episode this year for some reason!

Rachel at The Inspired House.org said...

I love it!! We all need WAY MORE COLOR in our day ;)

xoxo Rachel @ www.theinspiredhouse.org

E said...

Love this look! And those shoes have me lusting. :) I've been looking for something similar.

No Bachelor for me. Although I have watched in the past, I try to avoid getting sucked in. As if I need another show to watch.

Peggy said...

great colors and I love those shoes!

Kristin said...

Mustard always makes me happy!

Marie said...

Loving the mustard cardigan!:D

No, I don't watch that show.

Happy Tuesday!:D

***** Marie *****

Lori said...

I heart those shoes. They look super comfy.

Shandi said...

Definitely a change from yesterday's outfit! As much as I love a good black and white combo in outfits, bright colors make winter seem so much less drab!

Joy said...

LOVE the shoes. I want a pair!

I haven't watched The Bachelor since Bachelor Bob, whom I met at Super Soap Weekend the year after he was on the show. I sat beside him at a concert. He was really nice and charming.

minuteobsessions said...

Great colours and I love your flower!

I have awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award.

rlutz said...

Such a great outfit!! Love all the colors and how you wore that flower...also those shoes are freakin awesome!

Bella said...

I lofe the flower on your shirt! And how you've combined all these colors to work so well together. Wonderful!

silvergirl said...

I just love the color combo in this outfit and the flower pin
I have to get one soon, everyone is sporting them
Kudos on the great outfit

Charlotte said...

That's a bit more like it. ;)

I'm all about that mustard yellow color now! I don't know why it took me so long to hop on the color bandwagon, but heck, I did.

Cassandra said...

I just started watching The Bachelor this season. I'm a little obsessed!

This outfit is very colorful! I adore that flower on your top and the combination of green, blue and yellow.

SewPetiteGal said...

I love the mustard yellow with the green and blue! The shoes in particular are super cute - great outfit!

kileen said...

hooray for green! i'm loving all the green looks for this week's Color Brigade and yours is even better as it's paired with a gingham shirt! love love love. :)

and i need to convince my bf to watch the Bachelor so i can watch it.

cute and little
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A La Mode et Plus! said...

Love the green and mustard combo :)

Ramsey said...

I agree. Glorious weather calls for colorful clothes. Life manual page 143. Check me.

Krystal said...

Hellooo hot librarian!

amyr said...

I LOVE the green skirt! If I could wear that color every day of my life I'd be happy.

The Bachelor is definitely my guilty pleasure. Emily is SO sweet. I cannot believe that he kept Michelle this week. She is beyond psycho! Even though this is one of the slowest seasons yet, I still can't help but watch!