04 October 2010

To Pick My Chin Up Off the Floor

I brag about how fantastic my husband is all the time. And he is fantastic.
But occasionally he’s a dumb boy too.
Let me tell you about one of those times.

Yesterday, when I was getting dressed I said to him, “Remember those jeans I got last year for $5 from the Anne Taylor outlet?” Now, I knew he didn’t remember them, but we both pretended he did.

I continued, “Well, I tried them on yesterday and they are too BIG! I'm totally bummed. I can’t wear them anymore!”

Without skipping a beat he said, “Aw, don’t worry. You’ll get fat again.”

These are the shoes that I wore to kick his ass.


Alyssa said...

hahhahahaha god love him hahahahah

Jessie Mueller said...

hahah.....this is excellent!

Lexi said...

Doesn't he know you're the newest Jane Fonda?? You can afford an extra two or three pieces of zucchini bread!

yours truly dear said...

ahahahaha. i love it. totally something my husband would say too ;]

Charlotte said...

ba haha, boys are dumb!

(cool ring.)

Ashley said...

hahahaa...oh, that is pretty hilarious.

Yeah, I think boys remain kinda dumb for their whole life :)

Anna Jane said...

ahhh hahahaha - that seriously cracked me up. guys are so silly sometimes, but my fiance has definitely said something similar before to me. they can't help it.

you look fantastic!

xx anna jane

Toothfairy said...

hahahha... men!

love the outfit though!

Olivia said...

Really, he said that! Amazing! And you are again too cute!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...


boys are such idiots sometimes!

ps - i don't think you're a freak at all silly! i hope hope hope you do join in (there's more info up now). :)

so glad you've stopped by my blog, b/c i'm loving yours! ;)