13 October 2010

To Justify My Laziness

In the Interest of Full Disclosure:
Typically the outfit that gets posted on this blog is not the ACTUAL outfit being worn on that ACTUAL day.

"But, Molly, isn’t posting the outfit you’re wearing TODAY the whole point of this blog??? Aren’t you cheating by posting outfits worn OTHER days?”
(is how I'm assuming you would respond)

Then I’d respond, “You make a valid point… huh.”

This is fun, it’s like we’re having a conversation and you don’t even have to participate, I just do all the talking for both of us.
{insert waaaaaay too easy joke about pushy little old me here}

The truth is most days you see what I was wearing yesterday.  It helps to have a day to write the post and publish it.  You understand.  However, there will be days like today where you’ll see what I wore over a week ago.

And that’s because what I wore yesterday just wasn’t worth photographing.  (Unless sweaty work-out clothes and a house dress are your thing…)  And I have a sneaking suspicion that this lack of dressing blog worthily may happen again in the future.   So, I'm disclosing OUTRIGHT that I might occasionally take photos of outfits on days I'm not posting and then post them at a later date. 
Any objections?  Too bad. Overruled.

Yes, I know I need a little lipstick.

Today, my laziness works to your advantage though.  Once again the tri-pod gets the day off and you get to enjoy the beautiful photos of Miss Lexi.  So, quit your complaining and enjoy the beauty.

Navy Cashmere Sweater: 2nd Hand J.Crew
Plaid Pants: 2nd Hand The Limited
Green and Gold Flats:Payless
Mikimoto Pearls: Family Heirlooms
Sunglasses: Borrowed from the Photographer

So how’s that for justifying my laziness?
Be warned. I'm a pro.


Marie said...

Funny post.:D

This outfit reminds me of Bree Van de Kamp, she's my favorite!:D

Happy Wednesday!:D

***** Marie *****

Ashley said...

hehehe :)

We actually don't care when you wear the outfit, silly red head! :P

Just wondering...how tal are you?

Kristin said...

I'm right there with you when it comes to justifying...especially when it comes to shopping. HA! Love those flats!

Olivia said...

Great outfit; and I agree with the above--whenever you wear it, we're just here to see what wonderful style you come up with!

Lea the Lion said...

Who takes all of your lovely pictures?!!

Jane Milton said...

I really love this outfit. Blue and green is definitely a good combo. And I would have never known you got those shoes from Payless. I might have to go back again and see what other goodies they have!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

Haha, no justifications necessary. I usually stockpile my outfit photos for a rainy day (too bad I couldn't stockpile a year's worth before I came to London) ; ) And these photos are just lovely!

Rachael said...

Loooove the second pose and the close up of your face. You're so darling!

Audra said...

Molly you are so beautiful -- inside and out -- lipstick or no. =D