01 October 2010

What I Want to Wear... to a Bonfire

This outfit makes me yearn for chillier temps, changing leaves and a bonfire.

As usual, the genii (that's the 3 syllable plural form of "genius" for those of you wondering... I warned you there would be more vocabulary lessons) over at J.Crew have inspired me.  This outfit is one for the books and hopefully my closet. 

I love the mix of textures (fur vest, cable knit gloves, patent leather shoes).  I love the toned down palette.  I love that vacant, far-off stare the model has going on.  I still haven't figured out how to achieve that AND look pretty.  Where is Tyra Banks when I need her?  I'm sure she'd explain exactly how SHE does it PERFECTLY, tell me I had to "smile with my eyes," and then explain again how she does it PERFECTLY.  And always has.  And didn't need to be taught.  Because she's Tyra.  Ya, on second thought, maybe I don't need her after all.

Shopping List to Achieve the Look:
1. Slim lined, neutral (black or gray) turtle neck
2. Dark wash skinny Jeans 
3. Fuzzy Vest
4. Patent Leather Oxfords
5. Fingerless, gray cable knit up to the elbow gloves

So, I'm more than half way there. 
If you don't count that dang, vacant, far-off stare.

Thanks for making my first week such a blast!  Have a fantabulous weekend, lovelies.

Before you go though, tell me...
Would you wear a fuzzy (maybe even fur) vest like the one pictured?


Carrie said...

Me personally? Not a chance. But then, it's just not me (nor are the skinny jeans). I'm more of a classic-type look (or at least, that's more my style - whether I always achieve it or not, well, that's a whole other blog post!). Glad you're having fun with this!

Jessica G. said...

I would say yes to the fuzzy vest, but I guarantee you as soon as I tried it on, my husband would look at me and say NO.

E said...

I can't quite imagine wearing it myself. I love the whole look though!

Bella @Bellgetsreal said...

Yes and Yes but it would have to be faux fur! I am completely smitten with the fur vest for this Fall.

Charlotte said...

No way josie, no fur vests for me!

Marie said...

If it's faux fur, I would!:D

Have a wonderful weekend!:D

***** Marie *****

Jessie said...

Love the outfit.. yes if it was not real fur! Love ur blog, just found it and am now following! Check mine out if you get a chance!


Elaine said...

I'd have to buy everything but the skinny jeans to get this look! LOL!

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

Anonymous said...

I love your description to the right about GRITS. I was raised in the south my whole life and still leave the house not looking "put together." I would wear a vest like this because I live in the mountains right now and it looks warm!

Rachael said...

LOVE this look! I definitely wouldn't wear fur and probably not fuzzy either. BUT, I think the fuzzy looks great on this model and would look great on you.

Gracie said...

I think this whole outfits looks amazing and I would wear it, minus the fuzzy vest. It looks fantastic on the model but I wouldn't wear it in real life :)

Val said...

Your blog is adorable. I love your outfits.

Della said...

Hehe, I have two huge fuzzy vests in black and white. I love them! They make me feel rich. :)