21 October 2010

To Overthink My Shirt

I'm kind of nervous that my shirt falls on the wrong side of the funky/fugly continuum.

I have two supporting pieces of evidence.
1. The lady at the counter wearing a VERY ugly shirt (that kind of resembled mine) told me three times how much she LOVED my shirt.

Did you notice that EVERY shirt in the Ugly Shirt Day! post was paisley???
Doesn't that KIND of seal my shirt's fate?

Ugly Shirt: Express; Nearly White Khakis: Gap
Brown Heels: Unlisted; Cheap Gold Earrings that I live for: ABC Trading Co.

Ugly or not, it got worn.  I'm not sure it'll be making its way back into the rotation though.


Carrie said...

Okay, well, you've seen my "fashion" this week, so me saying that I love this outfit (on you) might just make you throw it to the curb...but I can't help it! You look stunning in this whole outfit! The shirt is a beautiful color and I just love the way it looks. Would I wear it...probably not. But then, you probably wouldn't wear a pumpkin colored sweater with a pumpkin turtleneck and a Halloween pin either...so there you have it! My vote: Keep the Shirt! :-)

lisa c said...

i think that shirt has some great potential! i'm seeing it tucked in with a high waisted skirt, belted, under your yellow cardigan, under a vest...i say play with it a little!

and LOVE love love your hair like that! so cute!

Lexi said...

I love that Lisa knows your wardrobe well enough to give you 5 new outfit combinations. Scratch that...I just love Lisa :)

Shirt is on the cusp of ugly, which I believe we determined is what makes it cute. Anything you wear with confidence will always look stylish!

Joy said...

I love that shirt!! Don't throw it out! It has beautiful colors! Play with it some!

Marie said...

Love this outfit!:D

***** Marie *****

Della said...

I would totally wear that shirt with black skinny jeans...it's really cute! Though, my Mom did raise me on Paisley, so I might be a little brainwashed. ;)