14 October 2010

To Take a Detour

This outfit was headed in a vastly different direction when it got started.

I was disappointed to discover, however, that its destination was ugly town with a brief stopover in unflattering village.

So me and a few of the original components grabbed a few tried and true “go to” pieces and took a little detour.

get to know these magical boots... you will see them A LOT

We ended up in a place in which I'm much more comfortable.

Grey Tank: Old Navy ; Black Vest: H&M
Jeans: Old Navy ; Boots: Rocket Dog
I never know how to credit jewelry… These pieces have been around forever. They are staples.

Does this happen to you too? 
How often do you think you've assembled a super cute outfit only to have it
end up looking like crapola?


Lea the Lion said...

I really like this!! And I love your boots!

E said...

The same thing happened to me just the other day. I thought I had imagined the perfect outfit, but when I put it on it was anything but. Plan B it is.

Your Plan B looks fabulous.

Marie said...

Always good to have Plan B!:D

This is a cute tough chick look..:D

***** Marie *****

Charlotte said...

totally cute. two thumbs up!

Rachael said...

Um, all the time! It's nice now to have free time in the morning to switch up my outfit when it is indeed crapola but on the other hand, I could get in one of those moods where everything looks awful on me ya know? And then phoom! 30 minutes. Gone.
But I agree with Charlotte... two thumbs up for your adorable self!

Fahion Meow said...

Love the outfit!!! especially the shoes!!!

Josie said...

You look darling, dear! Love the boots.
xo Josie

Fashion Butter said...

Honestly, I usually think I am cute until I see my blog pictures. HA! Sad, but true. : )

Love your vest. It's pretty much perfect.

Carrie said...

More often then I would like. And like Fashion Butter said, there are many times I think I look cute until I see myself in pictures, and then it's like "Whoa! What was I thinking??" But as long as I'm comfortable and not exposing anything that shouldn't be exposed, then I'm pretty much okay with it. I have learned to say, I am who I am, and move on. :-)

Olivia said...

Always, pretty much. I love your "edgy" style!

angelonwheels said...

I love it! My fav the jeans!

Yvonne said...

This is a great look on you. It is edgy but the necklace brings back the girly. Totally right - love the vest over the tank!