28 October 2010


I met some girlfriends for coffee this morning when it was still dark outside.
Still. Dark. Outside.
Obviously, that early in the morning and prior to coffee consumption I wanted to throw on a pair of sweats and tee and make my way out the door. 
Then I remembered 30 for 30.
So, I got dressed IN THIS (heels too) and went for coffee.

But I didn't put on any make up.


Hey, smarty pants.
There's no "makeup" rule in 30 for 30.


Later in the day, between downpours and after I put on makeup, Lexi (my amazing photographer friend who is also participating in Fashion Week) and I ventured to the Chattanooga Zoo.
Wednesday is $1 admission day.
Unfortunately, due to the storm we didn't make it to the squirrel exhibit.
{you think I'm kidding don't you? Well, I'm not}

But we did see these creepy little creatures.
And some spider monkeys.
Which made me think of this.

I should also tell you that:
Not trying to brag yes, I am but I totally made it from a piece of cloth, some elastic and just a little tiny bit of thread.
You can read more of the story here and here.
I paired its polka dotted self with a striped shirt BECAUSE I think that the way Chelsea effortlessly mixes prints is totally inspiring and I'm starting out slowly.
Shirt: Express; Skirt: Did I mention I made it?
Shoes: Knock off J.Simps from Payless
'80s vibe beads & belt: ABC Trading Co.

Looking for a little more fashion?  You should totally check out Emery and the rest of the girls over at moms are for everyone!  Fall Fashion week is flying by.  Don't miss the fun.


Lil Muse Lily said...

you can totally leave the house in that any time. ;)
super cute!

hiven said...

these are so lovely!
enter my giveaway?

Carrie said...

You can really find some great shoes at Payless (and good sales too!). Well done on the skirt!

Mrs. Blimes said...

I love the red belt! It gives the outfit a nice pop!

Emery Jo said...

you make me happy. fabulous outfit!! I love the pop of red! :)

bebe bird beck said...

You take pictures at the best places!!

And of course, you look adorable!
Love that pop of red.

Jessica G. said...

You look amazing! And I am so impressed that you got all dressed up like this for an early morning coffee meeting. Way to go!

katie said...

great colors--you look classically french. =) the polka dots and stripes totally work because the scales of the patterns are so different (honestly, i couldn't even see the polka dots).

Kara said...

I love it, an I smiled when you compared edward & bella to spider monkeys! Your skirt is awesome, great job!


Valerie said...

Wow, I'm so inspired by you looking this cute and before sunrise?? And you made that skirt?? I'm so impressed!


E said...

Yay for how the skirt turned out! I like the combination of prints, too.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

You don't need any make up Molly, you're so radiant! But there's none allowed in 30 for 30? Why not?

Ooh, and good job on making the skirt!

Olivia said...

Very, very, very impressive!

Kara said...

Oh, thanks for coming to my blog, I'm glad you like it! I think I just went through the entire contents of your blog today.. I love it (especially the 30 for 30 idea- I've never heard of that). I'm following now! :)


Bevin Albright said...

You get cuter everyday! I love the belt, and awesome job on the skirt. Love the Twilight reference, lol. =D
♥/Bevin @All is Bright

Peace Love and Leener said...

LOVE that belt!

Josie said...

I'm loving your 30 for 30! You look so chic.
xo Josie

Charlotte said...

wooooooow... you wore this to coffee? you'd be one of those people I'd see (as I'd be among the unwashed masses) and think "dang! how does she do it?"

Rachael said...

That red belt is PERRRRFECT! And that's you without makeup??! Wow. Flawless.