12 October 2010

To Sweat

Yesterday the temperatures were in the 80s!

I bring this up because tights one day and sweating in shorts the next seems like I'm a bit of a wardrobe schizophrenic.  But that's how the weather has played out this week.

No worries, this hasn't changed into a weather blog.  But, GAH.  It's October. Isn't 80 degrees a bit much?

Scarf belting tutorial can be found here. I swear I'm not going all Single White Female on Elaine.
I swear.

I figured if Mother Nature doesn't have to play by the rules neither do I.
And Voilá.  I give you today's outfit. Not exactly a color combo (navy + black) that I typically wear. 
But, the warm weather made me a little bit crazy.

Black Top: Old Navy; High Waisted Sailboat Shorts: Thrifted
Yellow Scarf: Gift from my Sister; Yellow Loafers: Marshalls
I hate wearing a lot of jewelry when it's hot, sorry the accessories are a bit lacking.

Who knows, maybe we'll have snow tomorrow?  It would be a welcome change from the sticky, sweaty hot of yesterday.  Did I mention it's Fall and 80 degrees is probably a bit much?

I promise to start ironing more often. As I look at these pictures I'm quite certain these shorts would have been WAAAAAAAAY more flattering had they been pressed.  Ahhh, you live and learn.


Krystal said...

i can't believe you're wearing shorts, i'm so jealous!

E said...

I need to watch that scarf tutorial. I love the bright pop of yellow!

Anonymous said...

Great outfit - the weather is crazy lately, where is fall?!

Rachael said...

I love how pulled together the outfit is with the shoes + the belt matching! Fantastic, I say!

SMASH said...

whoa whoa whoa that scarf/belt is so awesome!! I love the pop of bright yellow with your outfit :)


Olivia said...

I agree! It was way too hot yesterday (and the day before!) I'm really glad it's cooling off a little out there today!

Jane Milton said...

I love how the yellow really makes the blue pop. Definitely inspired by this!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

Cute!!! I love those little shorts! Sailboats!